Wednesday 26 March 2014

This TEDTalk Will Set You Rethink Of Achieving Happiness

TEDTalk Shawn Achor The Happy Secret To Better Work
I like to watch and at times just listen to TEDTalk as there are so many inspirational and knowledge waiting to be grab there.

Recently, I've chanced upon an old TEDTalk presented by Shawn Achor, CEO of Good Think Inc, also a psychologist. The title of the presentation is "The Happy Secret To Better Work".
One thing that I like very much about his talk is he is truly a story teller and an intelligent "joker" that can crack clever jokes out of nowhere. Seeing is believing, check out his talk below :

Following is a snapshot from his presentation which I thought worth special mentioning as these simple steps enable you to create a ripple effect towards happier self :


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