Monday 23 April 2012

Wickedly Fun And Entertaining!

Last night, attended the very last Wicked musical in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Theatre with my wife. First, I need to confess that this is our very first Broadway Musical ever and thus we went into the theatre with half-hearted mind and soul (secretly praying to myself that it would not be a boring evening for us).

To our greatest surprise, Wicked is a very entertaining and fun musical, suitable for all ages. In fact, we overheard an audience next to us that this is the third times he watched it. With the super powerful vocals from all the main casts, the amazing props and smooth (or rather magical) scene changing effect… we totally immersed ourselves with the plots, the singing, the witty jokes as well as the meaningful and inspirational lines pop-up here and there.

Some of the lines/quotes from the Wicked musical which I thought are quite inspiring/motivating:

Line/Quote 1:
Elphaba: “You are the only friend I have”
Glinda : “I have so many friends, but YOU are the only one matters to me!”

Line/Quote 2:
Elphaba: “I am the tragically beautiful one!”

Line/Quote 3:
Singing: “I’ve changed…. for the better”

The only two "complaints" I have from this maiden Broadway Musical experience are as follows (and this is nothing to do with the play itself):
1. We were seated at the second last row of the theatre and thus can't really watch the casts clearly (lesson learned: will get the better seats in our next musical outing).
2. The theatre is quite stuffy and warm.

Following are some promotional materials from Wicked Musical:

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wicked the musical
wicked the musical
wicked the musical
 wicked the musical
wicked the musical


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