Sunday 28 October 2012

SPECIAL - FREE Scheduling Software For Spa And Salons

If you are in spa or salons business and find that scheduling of  appointments is a chore, you are not alone and this post is totally meant for you.

Recently, I've chanced upon a cool website that providing salon software for free. Actually, this free software is designed with the salons and spa industry in mind but it can be used for other industries as well (as long as online booking/scheduling is required). The name of the website is Xandaro and their cool software for spa and salons comes with the following features:
  1. It's FREE - Can you ask for more?
  2. Online Booking - It allows your customers to make or change appointments as and when required. You can view the up-to-date schedule/appointment information.
  3. Calendar - You can easily see the schedule in a variety of views and make changes instantly and effortlessly.
  4. Simple To User - The sleek User Interface allows you to manage the appointments, staff scheduling etc.. with just few clicks.

If you need more details, feel free to check their blog at good salon software. So, if you have limited budget and need some productivity tool to help you schedule the appointments, go no further and give Xandaro a try. You have nothing to lose, anyway! ;-)


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