Monday 22 July 2013

I Am Ready For A Bald Statement (Hair For Hope)

hair for hope 2013
YES! I am ready, my hair are ready!

I am ready to experience a brand new image of myself! In less than 5 days' time, I will get my head shaved for a meaningful cause. If you are clueless about what I am referring to, check out my earlier post on Bald Statement - Bold Action.

This is the very first time of me participating in such a big scale charity campaign and I am pretty sure that it wouldn't be my last. In Chinese, there is a saying, 取之社会,用之社会” (briefly translated as "we took it from the society/community ; we returned it to the society/community [via charity/community efforts]) and it will be my living motto from now on. I guess it is never too late to do good ;-)

With the help of my colleagues and friends (both known and anonymous), I managed to inspire a total of $880 donation as at today (only $120 shy from my personal target of $1,000). Once again, on behalf of Children Cancer Foundation, a BIG THANK YOU to you all!

hair for hope 2013
This is how I look like now (the BEFORE photo) and I will post my AFTER photo over the weekend.
hair for hope 2013
Stay tuned!


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  1. Steady Brother! U will look as handsome as before without hair lah. At least I will not laugh at you LOUDLY on Monday 29/07. Wai Mei