Tuesday 30 July 2013

When You Are In The Crossroad, What Would You Do?

quotes on crossreoadMany a time, we are at the crossroads (many are unplanned ones) and need to make a decision as to whether to TURN LEFT, TURN RIGHT or just U-TURN. And most of the time, once you've made the decision, there is no way back i.e. you can't turn back and said "Oops! I think I've made a wrong choice, can I choose the other route instead?".
Effectively, life is formed through a series of continuous decisions. We made good decisions, bad decisions and at times no decisions. Sometimes, our decisions might affect others and other times, other people's decisions might impact us.
As mentioned above, "no decision" is also a decision, thus, we are "making" tonnes of decisions, day in day out. Of course, at times we might not even know we are "making" a decision. Some are huge decisions (like getting married, change career path etc...) and some are just routine or minor decisions (like what to eat for lunch? Taking bus or driving to work? etc...).
Today, I am going to talk about making big decision (the real crossroads of your life). The ones that potentially change your life in the next 10-20 years (or even more) time frame. When you are in such crossroad, what would you do?
There is no right or wrong answer to this question! My SIMPLE view is to SLOW DOWN and THINK (before proceed)! 
On the THINKING part, pay attention to the following key elements:
1. Resources - Always obtain as much information/resources (pertaining to the options available, their pros and cons etc...) before and during the decision making stage. 
2. Support - Support from your loved ones like family and friends are important. Thus, be open to them and share your situation/view with them to obtain their support. Of course, I am not saying that you need to get their approval for your decision. But with the necessary support, it will make your decision making process an easier task.    
3. Your Inner Voice - Simply put, this is your gut feeling! Ask yourself : what do you really want?
quotes on crossroad
The DON'T :

Never, ever rush into making huge decisions (unless it is a life and death situation which requires your immediate attention or decision). Also, pressure and fear might influence your logical thinking, thus, avoid making decision out of pressure or fear.

Lastly, always remember that you (and only you) are responsible to all the decision you made. No decision is worst than bad decison and bad decisions is a good learning points. Thus, you just need to keep going as the future is an endless road...
What do you think? Feel free to leave a note or two in the comment section.

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