Tuesday 7 February 2012

How To Reverse Time And Benefit From There?

If we try and work hard enough, there is a chance that we can reverse many important thing in our life, for example, our fortune, our career, our wealth, our relationship etc... What about TIME? I am afraid I am gonna disappoint you as I do not have any cue or magic power to reverse the time physically! What I am going to share with you is about my view of reversing the time "literally"! 

Confused? Keep reading....

Here comes the explanation. My version of reversing the time literally means reversing the word TIME to EMIT! Everyone know we can't reverse the time physically but by reversing the time (in words) and internalize the meaning of the reversed word (EMIT), it might be able to help us "gain back" a portion of time that we've lost/wasted.

By definition, emit means "to discharge (eg heat), to voice (eg opinions)". Thus, to "gain back" the time, we need to practice and internalize the meaning of emit by:
1. Discharging more energy in whatever work/activity that we are doing NOW!
2. Voicing more opinions/ideas of issue on-hand!

In short, we are trying to focus on NOW doubly (or triple) hard/smart so as to recoup the non-quality time that we've lost/wasted in the past. If we do it continuously, you will notice that we are "losing" less time as many a time we are trying to do better at present moment (NOW) and thus less time is wasted!

Another way to look at it is that, with this practise, we are effectively trying to improve the chance of our achievement (at the present time) and to achieve more. With this, our mind will be focused on NOW and not the past! Make sense? Of course, this is only my personal viewpoint and there is no proofs that it works or the gain is equal to the time that you've lost/wasted.

Having said that, I do believe that if we can shift our viewpoint towards this definition of "reversal of time", we can enjoy more true living (at the present moment) and not being trapped in the past.

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