Tuesday 21 February 2012

I will If You Will

Nope! This is not the title or speech from the love story or movie (like in Titanic's "You jump; I jump"). Actually, this is the campaign theme for Earth Hour 2012. If you are still clueless about it, Earth Hour is an annual world event (participated by 135 countries across the continents last year) that encourages people to switch off their lights for an hour on the last Saturday evening of March.

This year, Earth Hour falls on 31st March 2012, 8.30pm. As per this year's campaign theme "I will if you will", the aim is to courage people to go beyond the hour and make a longer-term green pledges. I've been participated in Earth Hour since 2010 and will definitely continue to support this initiative for as long as I possibly can.You folks are highly encourage to participate in this meaningful event too. After all, we all are living on the same, one and only, Mother Earth!

What make this year's Earth Hour even more special for me is that the Earth Hour HQ will be moving from Sydney to Singapore by May 2012, thus, I would be expecting more up-close and personal campaign and promotion happening in Singapore from 2012 onwards.
Lastly, like to share the official video from Earth Hour for your viewing pleasure:



  1. You have 3 blogs. Cool. Nice to know you here.

    1. Hi Triton,

      Thanks and nice to meet you here too.


  2. I never tried it but I'll be sure to do my part this year! :)

    Silken Spirits