Friday 23 March 2012

GREAT Surprise By A SMALL Lifestyle Mall: Greenwich V

WARNING: You might find my sharing today a bit boring as it is my personal experience to a new lifestyle mall (yup, you read it correctly, I am going to write about a mall). If this warning doesn’t deter you, read on... 

Last Sunday, I made a last minute decision to pay the new green-theme lifestyle mall, Greenwich V, a visit. As the mall’s location is not far away from where we stay, we (me and my wife) decided to take a train ride then 10 minutes walk to the destination.

I must admit that the mall is quite out of the place (i.e. not located near the central district of Singapore where most of the famous shopping malls are located) but with it’s green theme, nicely decorated parquet walls/floors and the beautiful sculpture at the entrance (which is THE main attraction of the mall), it gives me a sense of foreign landscape (i.e. non-Singapore style). And we are pleasantly surprised. This 2-story outdoor mall is a perfect location for a cup of tea/coffee or even meal with friends. This is mainly because the mall has more food and beverages shops to choose from.

We don’t usually be wowed by lifestyle mall located at the residential area but Greenwich V does surprise us with all the right touch and great mixes of shops! We had our sumptuous lunch at Cedele and evening coffee at The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf. We have a great time there and sure to revisit it again soon.

Following are some of the photos I took from mall:

Greenwich V - The Lifestyle Mall

Some of the shops

Me at Cedele Retaurant
Me again at Cedele Restaurant
The rare coconut tree overwhelmed by dark cloud

The Statue

The statue 2

The statue 3

The Statue Sorry, that's me ;-)
What's the statue about?

The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf
Do you have any similar memorable experience with any of such lifestyle mall near where you live? Share you experience here.


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