Wednesday 28 March 2012

Hits and Misses Of My Life So Far

Recently, quite a number of friends told me that I’ve changed, I am no longer the one staying late in the office and quietly immersed myself with work, work, work most of the time. Also, I smiled a lot nowadays and more witty and funny when I am socializing/communicating with them.

Frankly, I do sense my own transformation (and I hope this is towards the right direction). If you asked me whether it is due to any particular reason/incident, my answer is NO. It could simply due to the natural progression when we are reaching certain age!? In any case, I am an optimist and always look thing at the bright side, thus it is no surprise that my positive energy is getting stronger and stronger. ;-)

I do have my hits and misses throughout my 20+ adult years but when looking back, I am still proud of myself for being able to grind out my own career in a foreign land (Singapore), landed with a lovely wife and able to be a contributor/giver most of the time. If you ask me for my regrets in life (who don’t have regret?), I have a few, some of the more prominent ones are:

1. I am playing it too safely (I am taking far too few risks/challenges in my life and thus it makes my life uneventful most of the time. Less Challenges = Less Surprises = Less Fulfilment).

2. Get to know far too few buddies/good friends (I consider myself introvert and don’t really like socializing but it sets to change, I am chalking up my buddies count as it is never to late to get into meaningful friendships ;-))

3. I am a slow adopter (in Chinese, we called it 慢半拍 which means I am slower in adopting to the new things/development, be it technology trend, investment opportunity etc…)

4. And many more…

As mentioned above, overall I am still happy with my life thus far (even though I am not considering my life as a successful one yet). To borrow what my CEO like to quote: The Best Is Yet To Come! I like this quote as it is always good to have something to look forwards to in life. Besides, with my new found passion of blogging, I am setting myself a personal goal to create bigger online presence in 2012 and reach out to more friends and acquaintances in the blogsphere and/or social network communities. This will enable me to live-up to my motto of Inspire It Forward!

Last but not least, my sharing of the original inspirational quotes:

What about you? What is your hits and misses in your life? Do share your view here.


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