Saturday 11 August 2012

8 Hints That You Are Suffering From Smartphonism

Don't bother to google the word "smartphonism", you won't find any result there. I've just created it for fun and as most of you might already know its definition, it simply means addiction to smartphone. If you ask any of your friend or family member what is the one equipment that they cannot live without, I think smartphone will be in the top 1 or 2 places. In fact, we are more addicted to smartphones than we thought we are.

So, how do you know whether you are addicted to smartphone? Through my personal experience/observation, following are the 8 hints that you can rely on (these are not scientifically proven and thus just for casual sharing):

1. The first thing that you do when wake up in the morning is to check your smartphone (this is excluding turning off the alarm, if you are using smartphone's alarm feature);
2. When you are communicating from Point A to Point B (including walking, i.e. as long as you are not the driver), 80% of your time is viewing/checking on your smartphone;
3. When your phone is in silent mode, you will constantly check on your phone to ensure that there is no missing incoming notification;
4. When in the gathering, you spent more time "communicating" with your phone than the real human being sitting in-front or next to you;
5. You find that it is a big deal and insecure when you forgot to bring your smartphone with you when going out (thus, you MUST find a way to get it back in the shortest time possible);
6. Whenever you are in an environment/place that is not smartphone friendly (i.e. you need to turn-off the smartphone e.g. inside the theatre, formal meeting/dinner etc...), you felt uneasy as you can't check your smartphone as regularly as you usually do;
7.  You have the inclination to check your mobile social media sites (mainly facebook, twitter) frequently (like every few minutes once) so as not to miss any update from friends;
8. You try to swipe on anything comes to sight that looks like a monitor or screen to you (do take note that not every monitor/screen is swipe-able at the moment, not yet!);

So, above are my 8 hints for smartphonism, do you have any other hints to share? Do share it in the comment section.  


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