Saturday 17 November 2012

Are You Eat To Live OR Live To Eat?

eat to live, live to eat
We all need to eat, the question is what is your eating principle i.e. are you a "Eat To Live" or "Live To Eat" kind of people? For those who knew me personally would know that I fall under the former category! Or at least that's what I always told them when they asked : "If there is an invention of a super pill that can fight hunger without eating regularly, I will be their first customer!" Get my point? ;-)

Basically, for those of us who fall under the "Eat To Live" camp simply pay minimal attention to what kind of food we are putting inside our mouth and also not very particular on the ways or materials used in preparing them. As compared to the "Live To Eat" camp, they will rigorously searching around the town, city or overseas to find new and exotic delicacies. To them, every food tasting is a brand new experience! Also, they will be very good in elaborating the exact taste and texture of the food. Whereas for the other camp, this is a tall challenge!

Talking about food, my wife is direct opposite of me. She likes to experience new and exotic cuisine  whether locally or when we are overseas. Recently, she has joined me in the blogsphere  with her own blog. Ya, you guess it right, it's a food blog. If you are a foodie or interested in food blog, do check her out at EpiNosh

epinosh, food blog
epiNosh (food blog by my wife)

I must admit that she writes better English than me and she has put in a lot of effort and time in coming out all those lengthy reviews. Kudos to her! 

So, which camp are you falling under? My camp or my wife's camp?


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