Friday 23 November 2012

How Important To Take A Break From Your Desk? [INFOGRAPHIC]

take a break, get out of your chair, it's killing you, infographicNowadays, many of us are spending a fair share of our active hours sitting in front of the monitor (PC or laptop) and "staring" at the screen for a long period of time. Do you aware of the risks involved if we didn't take frequent break in between? has generated a colourful Infographic on why it is critical to take a break or else it's killing you just because you are sitting on your chair too long! Some of the highlights of the findings are:

1. On Average, we are spending 8 hours staring on screen, 2 more hours than spending on sleeping
2. People normally blink about 18 times per minute, while at computer, we blink only 7 times per minute.
3. Because of (2), people will experience blurry vision, headache etc...

Enjoy the infographic below:

What is your view about the above findings? Have you taken enough breaks out of your desk?


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