Thursday 22 November 2012

Singapore Is The World's Most Emotionless Society? Seriously?

singapore is world's most emotionless society
Recently, Gallup, US-based Pollster released the result of a Poll from 152 countries to analyse how people feel about their lives. And you know what? Singapore (the little red dot that I am currently staying) deemed to be the most emotionless in the world! Seriously?

Hmmm... come and think of it, I kind of agree with result as most Singaporean are perceived to be more serious, more deserved and more conservative in nature. Having said that, on second thought, just like any other poll, such findings is not conclusive and I am pretty sure that I've chanced upon a fair share of locals here who are full of emotion and expression! ;-)

Here are the result of the Poll (in ascending order):

Rank       Country                                                   Percent
#1           Philippines                                                   60% 
#2           El Salvador                                                  57% 
#3           Bahrain                                                       56% 
#4           Oman & Colombia                                      55% 
#5           US, Chile, Canada, Costa Rica, Peru         54%      
#150        Russia, Madagascar and Belarus              38%
#151        George and Lithunia                                   37%
#152        Singapore                                                  36%

As quoted by Gallup's Jon Clifton "If you measure Singapore by the traditional indicators, they look like one of the best-run countries in the world, but if you look at everything that makes life worth living, they're not doing so well". According to the report, not many Singaporeans answered "yes" to negative questions, and to questions measuring happiness, such as: Had they smiled yesterday; had they learnt something interesting or felt respected or well-rested? (extracted from The New Paper)

Are you surprised by the findings? Share your view in the comment section.


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