Sunday 13 January 2013

How My Door Key Thought Me A Lesson In Life

lesson in life
Just the other day, when we returned home from Hong Kong, after I taking off my shoe and unlocked the wooden door, when I tried pulling out the key, something amazing happen! The key just got detached from the key hole and key pouch and drop somewhere on the floor. We searched all over the place (inside and outside the house) and the funny thing is we just CAN'T find it. It's like the key was suddenly disappeared from the thin air (like a magic). 

After multiple rounds of searching and researching,  we finally gave up and decided to duplicate the key instead. The challenge is that it is hard to find the key duplicating service nowadays. So, I spent  some time googling the service providers located nearby my house the next day. I managed to find one at a shopping mall near my place (lucky me!). Thus, I dutifully get it duplicated (from the spare key) on the same day.

Yesterday, when I was trying to put on the shoe (the same show that I wear to Hong Kong) for a casual jog, guess what I've found? Yes, my door key! It was "neatly" dropped inside my shoe! I am not sure what is the probability for it to happen in this manner but it just happens. So, what have I learned from this episode? 

1. In Life, there is/are always blind spot(s) that you failed to cover! So, make sure to make no stone unturned (for my case, the shoe is one of the "stone") !
2. There is NO magic in life!
3. However impossible the situation might look in life, when the truth is out, you will just go ..."Ooooh! I see"
Let's continue to reflect on ourselves through such minor little thing/experience as I believed it can teach us great lesson in life! What do you think?


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