Saturday 12 January 2013

Try Out Some New Facial Hair Looks

Trying out new facial hair styles can feel like a scary experience for some men because they have to move out of their comfort zone. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out these trendy facial hair looks that have their stamp of approval from celebrities...

Short Circle Beard

Is your beard all wild and crazy? Well maybe it’s not giving out the right vibes. Try replacing it with a short, neat circle beard that works any time of the year. If your skin is prone to breakouts then it’s a good way to conceal it. It also helps you make your jawline look more masculine. 

However, having this beard requires you to constantly maintain it with trimming, shaving, shaping, etc. And of course, you’d need all the right tools for the task such as good shaving blade and a quality brush such as the badger hair shaving brush.

Five O’clock Shadow

So what’s the five o'clock shadow? It’s the growth of facial hair that you see on your face late in the day after you’ve had a clean shave in the morning. It’s subtle yet creates an impression.

It’s a style that best suits those who have their facial hair grow super quick. In fact, if you’re on the ‘slow side’ when it comes to facial hair growth, then this style won’t even work for you. The biggest benefit of going for this look is that it’s a lot more serious when compared to a stubble.

Natural Color 

Most men aren’t very comfortable with the idea of dyeing/highlighting facial hair, which is why natural color remains in style and plus, it’s in good taste. 

Besides that, when you go natural, you won’t have to deal with the whole messy do-it-yourself dyeing rituals. If you’re going gray then understand that it’s not a bad thing, and can in fact make you look distinguished. 


When it comes to beard styles, the stubble is almost, always on the top. It’s one of those rare facial hair styles that work for almost anyone, given that they’re doing it right. It gives you that “rebellious look” which the opposite sex finds attractive. 

Even though a stubble isn’t very different from a regular beard, it doesn’t require a lot of attention or maintenance. However, see to it that you are trimming your facial hair on a regular basis so that the others don’t get the impression that you’re not showering!

The facial hair ideas that we discussed in the above article are not only popular now, but will continue to remain trendy in the coming years. So go ahead and try them to see if they suit you!

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