Saturday 5 November 2011

Antidote To Stress

Yet another Saturday blogging night. In a rare cooling night, hope my brain juice can flow more smoothly! ;-)

Today, I am going to discuss a very common topic that everyone of us (young or old) somehow have experienced it before: STRESS. Stress is a form of emotional state whereby our mind is preoccupied with some negative thought that hinder us from thinking straight or positively. It is unavoidable but the key is to get back on-track as fast as possible. Besides, a prolonged period of stress could lead to depression which will affect our health and daily routines.

Our mind is capable of making beautiful dream, but it also responsible for making the scary nightmare! Thus, to address the stress issue, we need to "train" our mind to response positively when facing with stressful situation. In general, our stress is coming from one or more of the following sources:

1. Money (when we have not enough money or even too much of it)
2. Health (especially when our health is deteriorating)
3. Relationship (any kind of relationship could be a source of stress when it's not handled properly)
4. Self Development (this include our career, knowledge, skills, achievement etc...)
5. Environment (e.g. when we are at unfamiliar places or when there is a sudden change of condition or situation) 

Many a time, we are stressed up after the thoughts (issues) being accumulated inside our mind for awhile and we failed to find a solution or way out to handle the issue... we simply "give-up" from trying and let the mind wandering towards the negativity and hence the stress strikes.

When we are in the state of stress, we lost appetite, less productive and can't think fact, the side effect is enormous. Stress is counter-happiness, the more you stress, the less happy you will be.

I do have my fair share of stressful situation but I have my personal antidote, which is:

Unload the old baggage (thoughts) and stop asking "Why" (e.g. why this happen to me?) and focus on asking "Why Not" (finding creative or alternative ways to handle the issue).

Before we part, like to share my original quote "in a box", hope you folks like my new way in presenting the quote:


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