Wednesday 30 November 2011

Live Life Light ; Live Like Light

Recently, I've been through the closest experience of every living life's ultimate progression (the death), he is non other than my beloved father. Even though all of us already mentally prepared in view of his old age (81 years old to be exact) and bed ridden for the past few months, but when the news strikes, the emotional pain is still unbearable.

However, I might have inherited my dad's strong mentality and positive attitude, I will continue to be as strong and positive as before, there is still long road ahead of me and I am sure my dad will always be with me (in my heart). Rest In Peace, dad!

This event also set me rethink about the true meaning of a successful life. As we all know, everyone are going through the same natural sequence (or phases) of life and no one will escape the ultimate phase (aka death) as there ain't immortality. So, what make a successful life since every single human being went through the same phases? Also, who's definition or benchmark are we basing on? Think about it...

What I meant by natural sequence of life are:

Born --> Kid --> Adolescent --> Adult --> Middle Age --> Get Old :: *Death

*If you notice, I didn't use the "-->" for Death as it can occur at any point of the earlier phases of life!

My renewed view of life is that there is no successful life, only successful moments. Just like watching a movie, after the show, I don't think most of us would remember only the most interesting/exciting/memorable parts of the show, as long as the parts are long enough and impactful enough, we will classified it as successful movie (even though most of such successful movie do have it's dull or uninteresting moments too). Life is just like that!
Thus, let's make every moment of our life count. We need to live our life lightly (life is too short to take it too seriously) so that we can live our life like light, shining for others! Hence the title "Live Life Light; Live Like Light"


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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. Experience has taught me what a painful thing it is to lose a beloved parent. One is never really prepared for it, however expected or inevitable it might be. Your attitude is, of course, exemplary; and we both know your father would want you to be happy and live to the full each day of the rest of your life.

  2. Hi nothingprofound, thanks for the encouraging words! Let's both stay positive and keep going!


    P/S: believed you are from BC, let's get connected there too!

  3. Great post! I'm really sorry to hear about your loss but your way of writing about it is refreshing. Keep living a light life!

  4. Hi textoflex (PinkKryptonite), thanks for the kind words! ;-)

  5. My condolences. It is hurt when someone closes to you passed away but lets continue to live for it is beautiful and bountiful.