Wednesday 9 November 2011

SPECIAL: How To Manifest Abundance

"Abundance" is a word that we all like to get associated with. When we are in abundance, we have "more than enough", "feel enriched" and "feel happy". It is usually associated with positive connotation. In short, the simple equation is Abundance = Happiness. Of course, the abundance here does not refer to monetary terms or wealth alone!   

I am talking about what we want in our life, what are our heart desire and living our fantasies. We can only create abundance when we made aware of what we want in life. All our wants start in our mind, as long as we can imagine or dream of, there is always possibility to achieve it. Thus, abundance is very subjective, only we ourselves are capable of fulfilling the abundance of our choice.   

At times, we need some motivation or inspiration to keep us moving and to keep our dream(s) alive (by the way, what you are doing now [reading my blog] is one of the way to get inspired too ;-)). "Believe" and "Patient" are key elements in creating abundance, we all must believe in ourselves and our capabilities, at the same time, we need to be patient as Rome is not built in a day!

Recently, I've chanced upon a blog post with the sharing of How To Manifest Abundance. The theme is very close to what I am sharing here, do check it out and get inspired along the way.


P/S: If you need additional dosage of inspiration, do check out the Creative Inspiration too! 

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