Thursday 3 November 2011

SPECIAL : Quantum Jumping Review

Quantum Jumping
We all have dreams, dreams that fulfill our existence in life. However, we might not be able to realise all the dreams in our lifetime. I said "might not" because the possibility is always there and I am a true believer in Nike's advertisement slogan: "impossible is nothing".

Talking about dreams fulfillment, recently I've chanced upon a thought provoking technique by Burt Goldman called Quantum Jumping. Quantum Jumping is a visualization process where you use your mind to ‘jump’ into parallel dimensions, and gain creativity, knowledge, wisdom, skills and inspiration from alternate versions of yourself.

Burt has spent most of his life perfecting the technique of Quantum Jumping. He only decided to make the knowledge available to the public in 2009, and hundreds of thousands of people have benefited and now swear by quantum jumping and the success brought about by traveling from one universe to another.

If Quantum Physics is new to you, I guess your first impression is: this happens only in science fiction! Trust me, I have the same feeling when I first came across the above-mentioned definition of Quantum Jumping. However, my mindset is completely changed after I've dig deeper into it. Your physical/material world changes in accordance to your mental world/universe! Following are some benefits that you can achieve through Quantum Jumping:

  • Boost your mind’s capacity for problem-solving and creative thinking.
  • Improve your mindset for wealth, allowing you to save  and invest money properly.
  • Learn to control the pattern of your thoughts, replace negative thoughts and eliminate bad habits that you have.
  • Learn and pick up new skills easily and improve existing skills easily.
  • Improve your intuition, allowing you to easily decide on things better.
  • Understand your past and your present and learn from it.
  • Improve relationships with the people close to you.
  • Excel in different aspects of your life.

Click on Quantum Jumping to learn more from Burt Goldman himself. If you are open to the idea, I can assure you that this will be your life-changing knowledge and there are endless possibilities to fulfill your dreams.

Keep Dreaming; Keep Jumping!


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