Tuesday 8 November 2011

SPECIAL: Creative Inspiration

Have you ever wonder why those successful people are successful? What do they have in common or in extra that we all don't have (or still finding for it)? Determination and hard-work aside (of course luck do play a small part as well, occasionally), I do believed that they all posses an inner voice (or muse, if you like) that keep their momentum going. It helps them visualizing the vision that their physical self is not capable of seeing.

We need to find our own muse, the inner voice that will change our life for the better!

Recently, I've chanced upon a blog Creative Inspiration with more in dept exploration of the linkage between creative visualization and success. I especially like the following extract from the blog:

"Most of the time we feel so safe in the routine of normal life that we don’t dare to even think of diverting from it. You have to go out of the way to find the muse and trust me the effort is worth it."

This blog is definitely worth the read, do check it out as it might inspire you to find your long lost muse!


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