Saturday 5 May 2012

Book: A Conspiracy To Love

Recently, I've chanced upon a not-so-mainstream self-help book talking about love, joy, generosity and power. It's called A Conspiracy To Love. I was very attracted to the brief description of the book which read as follow:

"Do you want more love in your live? More respect? More Joy? Are you willing to challenge your negative attitudes, your pessimistic self talk? Are you ready for a journey into your heart that will bring you dynamic loving and transformative power?"

This book was written by Dr. River Smith, a social justice educator/activist and psychologist specializing in post-traumatic stress and relationship healing. He is a former host of The Love Project (AM-radio) and present producer and host of The Love and Justice Report (Cable-TV). A nationally published poet, eco-feminist commentator and columnist. He is also co-author with Victor L. Lewis and Huge Vasquez, of the 2007 book, Lessons from The Color Of Fear: A Teacher's manual.

As I thought the theme of this book is quite relevant to the theme of this blog, thus, like to recommend it to you folks as it might be your life transformative read!


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