Friday 25 May 2012

SPECIAL: Medical Education For Medical Practitioners

Medical industry is one of the industries that would not be facing with the predicament of sun-setting moment. In short, the demand for medical services will only be getting stronger. With the global shrinking of birth-rate, greater risk factors for medical deterioration as well as the anticipated silver tsunami, medical industry will only get more and more important.

Thus, whether you are practising medical as a direct profession (e.g. Doctor or nurse etc…) or an indirect profession (e.g. Medical Insurance underwriter or claim officer etc…), it is important to obtain on-going medical education to keep abreast with the latest development in the medical arena. New sickness or bacteria are being uncovered every now-and-then and new treatments/surgery or medical breakthroughs are happening at the similar speed. Thus, it is critical to keep up-to-date.

Recently, I’ve chanced upon a UK site called Oxford Medical that provides medical education (courses) in an interactive and effective way which caters to all levels of medical practitioners/doctors. Bearing in mind of the long hour commitment of the medical practitioners, most of the courses are organised in a smaller segment with one or two key learning point(s). Some of the well known courses provided are:

1. Consultant Interview Course
2. Medical Teaching Course
3. Medical Management Course
4. Teach Te Teacher Course

Thus, either you are already a medical practitioner or are becoming one soon, do check out this beautiful site for better understanding of the above-mentioned courses which will give you a head-start in the medial field.


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