Saturday 19 May 2012

SPECIAL: Lifestyle Thailand Application – Thumb’s up!

lifestyle thailand

People are impressed, excited and complimentary about the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s new app for Apple and Android cell phone and tablet systems called “Lifestyle Thailand.” It is a FREE download, has wonderful, colorful graphics and gives the user a wonderful experience. If you are taking a trip to Thailand, it is mandatory; for all others, it is just plain amazing.

The app is suitable for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and all Android systems 2.2 and up. It is unique, interesting and provides information like reading an animated travel brochure. Reviews are favorable with a 5 star rating.

The main screen features eight lifestyles that you can enjoy Thailand:
· Chic. For Glamorous, glitzy and fabulous experiences.
· Romantic. Perfection for Honeymoons.
· Breezy. Sun worshipers and beach bunnies and bums unite.
· Thainess. Learn and admire the heritage trail and people.
· Adventurous. Lots of action for those who want it.
· Wellness. Cleanse, refresh and relax the inner person.
· Easy N Slow. Explore the life and locale.
· Family. Enjoy togetherness in Thailand.

The next screen shows four categories of information:
· Accommodations, such a hotels, spas and resorts.
· Restaurants, that serve the wonderful crispy, chewy, spicy and sweet and sour Thai food. Restaurants such as the Sala Rim Naan in the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. A magical memory is created after one has crossed the River Menam Chao Phraya in an old fashioned teak ferry boat, and brought into the pavilion, had their shoes removed and escorted to a table. It can be a memorable experience to enjoy the great spicy food with a cool singha beer, sweet music and dancers of the old Siam court.
· Things to do, from visiting temples to enjoying cinemas, to shopping and just enjoying scenery and relaxing.
· Attractions, such as the many in Bangkok. The sky train; Temple visiting; Jim Thompson House; Central World Plaza; and Era wan Museum.

The app also has social network sharing capability, hot deals and images of Thailand in 360 degree images.
I have personally downloaded this app in my iPhone, besides the massive loads of informative travel information, the user interface is sleek and easy to navigate. Thus, if you are planning to visit Thailand, this is a MUST HAVE app for you.

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