Monday 30 July 2012

I Am Back With Almost Fully Recovered Vision

First, sorry for MIA (Missing In Action) from my blog for more than a week. The reason for my MIA is because of my recurred red eyes condition. After further checked by the eye specialist, the condition was actually worst than I thought, a corneal abrasion which could be caused by an old eye injury.

After about a week of living with uni-eye (the other eye was being patched most of the time), I managed to regained about 75% of the vision for the next few days and thus leaving aside my blogging ritual during this period. Now, here I am back with the business (blogging) and with almost fully recovered vision (still not 100% recovered though).

Many a time, we took thing for granted and only appreciate its importance when we really lost it. This is one of the such time for me, even though my lost is only temporary but I can really felt the inconveniences and how it has affected my daily routine while I was in uni-eye stage. 

Following is a quote inspired by this incident of mine:

"To avoid misjudging, see it with both eyes and sense it with heart!" 

Here are some photos during my uni-eye stage:
corneal abrasion

corneal abrasion


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