Monday 9 July 2012

SPECIAL : Care For The Man's Best Friend

Today, I am going to touch on the topic related to the man's best friend. Just like human beings, all pets (including the man's best friend) going through the natural progression of born, old, sickness and death. thus, it is important for all pet owners to look out for signs or syndrome when their beloved pet is in sickness/pain.

My wife used to have a Maltese and we called him babie (because of his size). He is very active and  occasionally fall victim of the impact injuries which causes him in pain. We can tell that he is in insurmountable pain through his watery eyes. We didn't take it lightly. 

Thus, we did quite an extensive research online to look for the medical condition/treatment for dogs. Thus far, there are two articles which we find them very informative especially on the condition, causes  and treatment of dogs in pain or with arthritis: dog arthritis aspirin and arthritis in dogs.

Most of the pets put smile on their owner's face with their unconditional love (just imagine, when you reach home, still standing on the front door, they are there waiting for you with their wagging tail!), it is important that we care for them as well. 


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    SPECIAL : Care For The Man's Best Friend