Friday 13 July 2012

SPECIAL : Safety First! Buckled Up!

Regardless of which country you are at, when you are driving on the road, you are automatically assumed the responsibility of ensuring safety for yourself as well as others (both inside your car as well as those outside). I know driving can be quite a taxing experience especially when you are in a less than ideal road or traffic condition. Having said that, you should not let your gut down so as to avoid any unrecoverable mistake (accident).

Having said that, accident could still happen in an unforeseen circumstances, that's where the safety belt comes in to minimise the potential damage/impact and it could make a difference between life and death. Of course, if there is infant/kid in your car, you need to install the infant car seat for more appropriate protection of the infant (in most countries, installation of car seat for infant/kid is compulsory). For more details of different types of infant car seats, check out Max Cosi Car Seat.

For the sake of all road users (including yourself), let's all play by the rules of :

Safety First, Buckled Up!


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