Thursday 12 July 2012

Optimist Vs Pessimist

People who know me personally would know that I am an optimist by nature, at times, I  might be deemed as too optimistic from a third party view (but it doesn't bother me ;-)). With pure optimism, it doesn't make me any more successful than others but it does provide me with a lighter head (lesser burden; lesser worries).

It could be due to my upbringing, of which I was brought-up in a small village (or "kampung" as we called it here) and the standard of living that I've been accustomed to is not as high as the other cosmopolitans. Or it could be just ME. In any case, I still treasure this great properties of mine and would want to keep it till the end.

Of course, it doesn't means that I do not have my low or unhappy moments, just that I am treating each and every such experience as plain moments with conflicting objective/understanding or temporary missed opportunities/fortune. So, I will not dwell over them as every single old moment will pass and new moment will come. 

In any case, I am living my life with the following 5 key principles:
1. I can't control the action by others, but I can always control my reaction.
2. There are always 2-sides (at times even more sides) of the story. Thus, I will always put myself in the other person's shoe first before reacting.
3. Most of the time, there is no right or wrong, just different perspective/experience.
4. Life is short, so I should focus on making myself (and people around me) happy and not worry
5. Listen before speak; Think before Act!

Just to bring across the point clearer, take a look on the following view (between Optimist vs Pessimist) on a same situation and you will know the difference!

Pessimist: why me? What can I do next?
Optimist: since it's me, I will do whatever I can next!

So are you an optimist or pessimist and what is/are your life's principles?


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