Saturday 14 July 2012

Smartphone Usage Statistics in Singapore

Nowadays, wherever you go, indoor or outdoor, you will noticed that it is hard to get an eye contact with your friends or people around you, reason being that most of the time, their eyes are looking downwards or any direction that their smartphone is. I guess this is one of the side effect of the technology advancement that made people less social-friendly offline. I must admit that I am guilty of that too! 

Of course, smartphone is already an integral equipment/gadget nowadays, I am sure you will feel uneasy or lost whenever you forget to bring your smartphone with you! Ever wonder how most people make use of their smartphone? If you are from Singapore, you are probably part of the statistic here. Norton has recently released a survey on Singaporean's mobile phone usage habits and following are the top of the list:

Internet Access         69%
Social Networking    57%
Reading The News    55%
Online Messaging     39%
Mobile Banking        27%
Navigation                25%
Online Shopping      19%

Did you notice that phone call is nowhere to be seen in the list? What does it means? It means nowadays people are communicating through Social Networking site like Facebook, Google+ or through FREE online Messaging apps. 

What surprises me though is that gaming is not in the list too. I am not a hardcore gamer myself (except occasionally playing some time-waster game like "Draw Something With Friends" etc...) but I thought it (mobile gaming) should be at least at the top 5 position. For me, except "Navigation" (as I do not drive), I use my precious iPhone for all the above mentioned activities and my personal  top 5 ranking is as per following:

  1. Social Networking
  2. Reading The News
  3. Internet Access
  4. Online Messaging
  5. Navigation
What's your ranking?


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