Monday 14 March 2011

3 things that make you smile!

Smile is easy if we learn to appreciate every little things that happen around us, our family or our friends. There is no need to wait for grant or big things to happen (like strike lottery, winning big in share investment etc...) before you put a smile on your face. In fact, we all should learn to smile on every little good/positive/fun/joyful things happening around us, every day.

Smile is infectious and it does make you looks younger and healthier when you smile regularly! Sometime back, there was an evening program from Class 95 Radio station (if I am not wrong, the DJ then were Jean Danker and Tim Oh) whereby they cite to each other, before the end of everyday program, the "3 things that make them smile" that day. I thought that was a great and cool idea as it remind us the beautiful little things that make you smile that day....

So, what are the 3 things that make me smile today? Here is the list:
  First       : Published my first Blog... which you are reading now !
  Second  : Learned that one of my fb friend managed to get a job
  Third      : Confirmed that there will be soccer game this Saturday... long overdue game!

Why not spend a couple of minutes to think through (before bed time) 3 things that make you smile today? Better still, you can share it with your spouse, family member or even friend and encourage each other to make this as a ritual to go through everyday. I am sure you will wake up happier the next morning...

To help you out, following are 3 pictures that might put a smile on your face immediately (see, the first thing that make you smile today, not that difficult afterall right?):

So, stay SMILING and stay HAPPY... Cheers!

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