Thursday 24 March 2011

Life Is Not Meant To Be A Straight Line

Yesterday is not a very good day (avoiding using negative word like "bad" here!) for a number of people that I cared about, mainly due to work related challenges/difficulties.

As usual, which is what I am good at, is to give them my listening ears and provide snipplet of encouraging responses, in between our conversation. We all know that whatever the outcome of our talks, the situation is not going to change. What I am trying to influence is their response to the situation as I know that if we cannot control the situation/environment, the next best thing that we can do is to control our response to the situation (aka to be as positive as possible)!

This bring me to think about LIFE. I am of the view that Life is never meant to be a straight line, there bounds to be UPs and DOWNs. In fact, that's the true meaning fo LIVING!

Besides, you should be worry if your life is just a stright line as it could means either of the following...
  a. You are not living your life but just passing through time     OR
  b. You are a potential patient in one of the mental instituation (e.g. Woodbridge
      Hospital, Singapore) of which you are continually UPs...or DOWNs.....
      (there is no "AND")   OR
  c. You are already "six-feet under ground" (read: DEAD, either mentally
      or physically)

To the people that I talked/chat with yesterday: keep going! Let's learn from the penguin (see my post yesterday) and have faith in yourself!

Two more days to Earth Hour and hope that as many of us can "paint" our home/office dark on this Saturday (26/03/2011), from 8.30pm onwards!


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  1. 3 things that made you smile? I had
    1. Claudia and Chloe had been real good girls
    2. I don't feel as irritated when I hear someone's voice in office today
    3. Had a good lunch with 2 of my 猪朋鼠友, although I foot the bill

    Hoping for a better tomorrow and more good days to come.かんぱで

  2. so true...adversity in life teaches u a lot...u need the DOWN's to realize the beauty of UP's