Saturday 19 March 2011

Earth Hour - Go Beyond The Hour

The yearly event of EARTH HOUR will be here in another 1 week's time i.e. on 26th March 2011 (Sat). In this event, people/organisation will switch off the light from 8.30pm for 60 minutes. This year, the organiser has gone beyond the hour (as the slogan said), hence the plus (+) sign.

As shown by the recent big scale calamities in ChristChurch and Japan (in 2011 alone), it is evidenced once again that we need to take the environmental issue seriously. Our earth is NOT feeling well, we need to do our part collectively to heal it (or at least prolong the sickness).

For more information of this year's Earth Hour, please visit their official website at: Besides, you can also download the iPhone app from iTunes (search by "EarthHour 60+") which allow you to earn virtual badges and constant update with the news (Android version is coming up soon).

To drive the event, some local (Singapore) organisation have committed to the following:
1. Resort World Sentosa and more than 50 malls, hotels and retailers under the Orchard Road Business Association have committed to set the air-conditioning temperatures to 24 deg C or higher (to maximise energy efficiency and cost saving).
2. CapitaLand which runs more than 30 shopping malls and commercial propterties will organise a "Wear Less Day" on Friday (25th March 2011) - on which its tenants will be encouraged to dress down as temperatures are turned up.
3. World Wide Fund For Nature Singapore (WWF) will organise a 3.5km Earth Hour Night Walk in Marina Bay during the Earth Hour (Participants pay $15 each; Free for those aged 12 or below).
4. Free concert and carnival will be held at Promontory@Marina Bay from 5.30pm , afterwhich, the award-winning environmental documentary "Th Age Of Stupid" will be screened.
I've committed to take part in this event. I urged all friends/people around the world to take part as well by GO BEYOND THE HOUR. Let's do our part collectively to make our earth SMILE again!!

You can "officially" commit yourself by completing the following online widget created by WWF: [removed as it was expired]

Cheers ! - to EARTH and PEOPLE!

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