Friday 18 March 2011

Positive Psychology...

I believed most of us would heard of "Applied Psychology", but have you heard of "Positive Psychology"? I, for one never heard of it until I accidentally discovered it via my very own blog today. Yup, you didn't hear me wrong, I discovered this knowledge through the Google links that was quietly embedded within my own blog.

It seems that Positivity is more like a neccessity nowadays for survival reason, now you can even be taught how to be positive psychologically! Wow, that's amazing...

Besides, do you know that in Singapore, there is a school called "The School Of Positive Psychology" that providing specialised courses on this? Those who are interested to find out more, please follow the link here : .

This new discovery did put a BIG SMILE on my face. As my original intention of writing this blog is to create as much positive energy force as possible to the people around me, it didn't cross my mind that I will be gaining NEW knowledge through it.

As the saying goes "Beauty is in the eye of beholder", I would say "Knowledge is in the hand (or finger) of the explorer". Since it's just a matter of one or few click(s) away... So, other than viewing my daily update, do explore (click on the link in my blog or any other sites) on subject(s) that come across as interesting to you, you might be enlightened with the new discovery like myself... Like Forest Gumps says: Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get!!

Oh, wait wait, in case you are not aware, there are actually hidden treasure (knowledge) within my blog!! For those Google links with little "Left" or "Right" Arrows (see sample pictures below), it means that there are more treasure/knowledge to be explored/expanded by clicking on it... So, enjoy the exploration!! (P.S. This feature is not available if you are accessing the blog through IPhone. Sorry folks!).

Before I sign-off, enjoy your weekend (TGIF) and I am leaving you with the following quote from Helen Keller to ponder over the weekend...

 Happiness cannot come from without ; It must come from within

Lastly, hope that you still remember your "3 things that make you..."! ;)


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