Monday 27 February 2012

It's My Turn! Have Fun

One way to live a positive and happy life is to try to have fun with any occasion/chances that you encountered and gaming/quizzes (especially those online game/quizzes) is one of the cheapest and simplest way to have fun.

If you are a Singaporean, you would want to pay attention to what I've going to share as I am sure you will have fun and enjoy the quizzes that I am going to share next "It's My Turn", it's a simple yet graphically appealing/fun quiz to analyse your personality to find out "What Kind Of Singaporean You Are?". The best part is it's seamless integration with Facebook that enable you to publish your result in your facebook's wall through one click. Also, you can retake the quiz for as many time as you like.

For your better appreciation, following are some screen shot of my personal result:

The main page of "It's My Turn"

My result : Apparently, I am a "Take It Easy Singaporean"
I am quite happy with my result as I am truly a "Take It Easy" guy! My motto in life is to stay positive and happy as long (or far) as possible.

Come and think of it, even for non-Singaporean, you are welcome to have fun and try out this fun quiz to find out "How Singaporean Are You"? Hope you enjoy it while I continue to search for the next fun game/quiz to share in the near future. Also, do feel free to share your quiz result here (in the comment section)!


Tuesday 21 February 2012

I will If You Will

Nope! This is not the title or speech from the love story or movie (like in Titanic's "You jump; I jump"). Actually, this is the campaign theme for Earth Hour 2012. If you are still clueless about it, Earth Hour is an annual world event (participated by 135 countries across the continents last year) that encourages people to switch off their lights for an hour on the last Saturday evening of March.

This year, Earth Hour falls on 31st March 2012, 8.30pm. As per this year's campaign theme "I will if you will", the aim is to courage people to go beyond the hour and make a longer-term green pledges. I've been participated in Earth Hour since 2010 and will definitely continue to support this initiative for as long as I possibly can.You folks are highly encourage to participate in this meaningful event too. After all, we all are living on the same, one and only, Mother Earth!

What make this year's Earth Hour even more special for me is that the Earth Hour HQ will be moving from Sydney to Singapore by May 2012, thus, I would be expecting more up-close and personal campaign and promotion happening in Singapore from 2012 onwards.
Lastly, like to share the official video from Earth Hour for your viewing pleasure:


Monday 20 February 2012

SPECIAL: Cold Milo Drink In An Instant!

Imagine this: After a fulfilling workout or exercise, you are looking for a cup of cold Milo to quench your thirst and reboot your energy, however, you need to wait for quite awhile as traditionally you need to dissolve the Milo powder in hot water and add in the ice or cold water to make a cold Milo drink...

But hey, not anymore, if I tell you that from now on you can make a glass of cold Milo drink in an instant without any hot water, how cool is that?

Nestlé Singapore has recently launched a brand new 3-in-1 MILO® Easy Cool which allow you to do just that. With the free shaker bottle (that's what I called complete solution!), you can make the cold Milo as easy as A-B-C (or as per what the slogan said "Pour, Shake and Be Cool"!). The 3 simple steps are as per following:

1. Pour 2 sachets of MILO® Easy Cool into the shaker bottle
2. Add cold water up to the marking clearly indicated on the shaker bottle
3. Shake it!
The clear marking of desired cold water level
Viola! The cold Milo is ready to be consumed. Not only that, it is also endorsed by the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice Symbol and contains healthy goodness such as:
  • Actigen-E (a combination of B Vitamins and Magnesium)
  • ProtoMalt (a special malt extract made from malted barley grains found only in a MILO® drink)
  • Glucose, maltose and complex carbohydrates ( which gives you longer lasting energy)
  • Vitamin C and Calcium
  • Milk, cocoa and essential vitamins and minerals
MILO® Easy Cool is now available at all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets such as FairPrice, Cold Storage, Shop N Save, Giant, Carrefour and Sheng Siong. It is retailed at S$6.30 per pack of 15 sachets (Oh! Do remember to get your free shaker bottle!).

Lastly, MILO® Easy Cool is running a special Facebook contest with great prizes like iPad2 and a Sony PS Vita for users who submit their own videos demonstrating how “It’s So Easy to be Cool- If You Know How.” Simply log on to and click on the “Easycool” tab to watch amazing videos showing simple ways to do everyday things. The contest ends on 28 February 2012.


Thursday 16 February 2012

Impossible Is Nothing ; We Have Linpossible!

No, there is no typo in the title, I really meant to type Linpossible. If you are a basketball fans (especially the NBA), I am sure you know what this newly invented word meant (watch out for other words like Linsanity etc..). For those who are not (a fan), I guess you've missed the recent phenomenal overnight success of Jeremy Lin (pretty much an anonymous one week plus ago).

The 24 years old Harvard graduate (in 2010) has made a remarkable (understatement here) appearances in the NBA scene recently (he is a player from New York Knicks). Being the first Taiwanese-American whom gain overnight success in the highest level of professional basketball tournament (NBA), he has became the new Taiwan's national hero. He has single-handedly help Knicks shot to the overnight stardom (both for himself and Knicks). With his great contribution, Knicks has obtained the record 7th straight wins (and still counting) as at today.

Lin is not only a stunningly great sportsman, he is also a very humble and caring gentleman. Being an Asian myself, I am very proud of him, his performance and his attitude towards life.

Inspired by Lin, I guess the formula of SUCCESS (especially in the sports arena) would looks something like this:  
SUCCESS = Hardwork + Persistency + Humble

Following are some photos of Lin extracted from the web (in case you are still clueless who is this young gentleman):


P/S: I am not a NBA fan but I was intrigued by his performance just by watching him performing in the recent matches. With the current rates and performance of Lin, I would expect to see more and more coverages of Lin in all media and news. Stay tune! 

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Divas Forever - Whitney Houston and Feng Fei Fei!

For the past 2-3 days, we have been bombarded with sad news of the demised of two Divas from the west and east. First, the shocked passing of Whitney Houston (from US) at the age of 48 (cause unknown) to the passing of Feng Fei Fei (凤飞飞, from Taiwan) (cause: lung cancer) at the age of 60.

Both are Divas in their respective arena and with countless followers from around the world!

Whitney Houston

Feng Fei Fei
Many of their beautiful and powerful songs have accompanied us throughout the different stages of our lives. They have left us with many fond memories and countless classic tracks to last for many more years to come.  

Rest In Peace to two DIVAs of our time!

In any case, life is short, let's do our part to live our life to the FULLEST and leave no regrets (unfinished dreams) behind!  

Today is Valentine's Day, I wish all of you: 



Tuesday 7 February 2012

How To Reverse Time And Benefit From There?

If we try and work hard enough, there is a chance that we can reverse many important thing in our life, for example, our fortune, our career, our wealth, our relationship etc... What about TIME? I am afraid I am gonna disappoint you as I do not have any cue or magic power to reverse the time physically! What I am going to share with you is about my view of reversing the time "literally"! 

Confused? Keep reading....

Here comes the explanation. My version of reversing the time literally means reversing the word TIME to EMIT! Everyone know we can't reverse the time physically but by reversing the time (in words) and internalize the meaning of the reversed word (EMIT), it might be able to help us "gain back" a portion of time that we've lost/wasted.

By definition, emit means "to discharge (eg heat), to voice (eg opinions)". Thus, to "gain back" the time, we need to practice and internalize the meaning of emit by:
1. Discharging more energy in whatever work/activity that we are doing NOW!
2. Voicing more opinions/ideas of issue on-hand!

In short, we are trying to focus on NOW doubly (or triple) hard/smart so as to recoup the non-quality time that we've lost/wasted in the past. If we do it continuously, you will notice that we are "losing" less time as many a time we are trying to do better at present moment (NOW) and thus less time is wasted!

Another way to look at it is that, with this practise, we are effectively trying to improve the chance of our achievement (at the present time) and to achieve more. With this, our mind will be focused on NOW and not the past! Make sense? Of course, this is only my personal viewpoint and there is no proofs that it works or the gain is equal to the time that you've lost/wasted.

Having said that, I do believe that if we can shift our viewpoint towards this definition of "reversal of time", we can enjoy more true living (at the present moment) and not being trapped in the past.