Saturday 30 April 2011


I believed a good number of you folks are not sure what is the meaning of today's title!
"WYSIWYG" is a very common acronym used some years back in computing world which briefly defined as whatever you see on the editing mode will be the similar content that you will get as an output (printed copy, webpage or User Interface screen). It stands for "What You See Is What You Get".

In the recent years, this term is being used less frequently, especially with the advent of the Web 2.0 [click to learn more] (refers to social networking sites, blogs, video sharing etc...), it has blurring the line of what is real and what is fake. Many a time, what you see might not be what you get! At times, you can't even tell whether the site that you are accessing is a real one or not (phising [click to learn more] in action).

Having said that, gaining new information and knowledge is still very critical to enhance the quality of our life or improve our business (especially if you are in e-Business or an e-entrepreneur like Internet Marketer [click to learn more], which the web is effectively your marketplace). In fact, the speed of learning and the source of the information/knowledge do play a key role nowadays. For example, when comes to on-line shopping, which site you trusted most? I guess first that comes to your mind is.....

Am I right?

Besides, happiness can be learned (remember the Positive Psychology course in my earlier blog?), we need to constantly look for new sources of information/knowledge to keep up with the world. Of course, web is the easiest and cheapest source of learning, anything and everything under the sun. Web and mobile computing will be here to stay. It's never too late to learn anything, Just Do It!

My quote of the day comes in 2 parts:

"Everyday is a new beginning, make your days count by learning something new everyday!"
"The day when you think you have nothing else to learn, it marks the beginning of an end!"


P/S: Gentle reminder: "3 things that make you smile today!" [click to see more]

Friday 29 April 2011

iPad 2

Sweet Gardening Pleasures Gift Basket - A Great Idea for Mom!
Mother's Day gift idea (Amazon)
In slightly more than a week's time will be the Mother's Day (8th May 2001, Sun). Wish all the mothers in the world an early Happy Mother's Day. As for all the daughters and sons around, let's make it a memorable day for our beloved mother!

Today is the launch of iPad2 in Singapore and a few neighbouring countries. As expected, there were no long queues at majority of the authorised retailer shops here (even though iPhone and iPad are deemed as "National Phone/Tablets" here). I guess part of the reason are:
  • iPad was launched merely few months ago and those who bought the pioneer version are still happy with it.
  • iPad 2 doesn't seems to have any revolutionary breakthrough in features as compared to it's predecessor.
  • Many comparable tablets are streaming in from competitors, thus, more options for consumers.
  • On top of the online Apple shop, there are too many authorised retailers in Singapore, practically you can see at least one Apple authorised retailer in every recognisable shopping mall here.
Having said that, when comes to new IT gadget, especially smartphones/tablets, there will still be demand!In fact, nowadays smartphone is liken the watch that we are wearing, wherever we go, the smartphone is always on our hand or pocket. And the scary part is that most of us can't live without it.

How does it (smartphone) affect about our social life then? I guess the direct impact is that people are communicating (face to face) lesser and lesser as they make their fingers do the talking now. Also, I am sure it will also directly affect the standard of proper English in the younger generation as they twit/sms more then they "write".

Before I call it a day, my quote for the sharing:

"We can't see through other people's heart and mind but we can definitely use our heart to have a breakthrough with other people's mind"

That's all for my sharing today and wishing you a very happy and happening weekend. For those who are celebrating the May Day (Labour Day) on 1st May 2011, enjoy the extended weekend!


Thursday 28 April 2011

Work Work Work.....

Every now and then, I will come across people (mostly strangers) who are complaining about their job, their miserable pay, their colleagues, their bosses and in fact the whole company. It could happen at anywhere, inside the train while traveling to and from work, at food court having my meals etc...

But, my view is that employment is a formal contract whereby the employee has some skills and competency to offer and the company, in return, paying them the agreed remuneration package. In most circumstances, no one was forced into signing the contract... So, I kind of failed to understand why so much of grievances now?

I can understand that many a time, it really voice down to the mis-match of expectation regarding their contribution vs their remuneration. More often than not, employee's self-perceived contribution is higher than the employer's and thus the mis-match. Having said that, I do agree that with the constantly changing and evolving business environment, it's really hard to find a perfectly matched employment and the days of just wanting to do the simple(easier) work is no longer exist.

Thankfully, nowadays it's much easier for us to come out on our own to be an entrepreneur, starting a small businesses or become an info-preneur. With the invent of the Internet and the ever increasing eBusiness and eShopping market, Internet Marketing (or now Mobile Marketing) is one force that we all should be aware of and paying attention to.

Of course, after went through some serious learning about Internet Marketing myself, I must say that it is NOT a "Make Me Rich Quickly" program, you need to put in some consistent and great effort and time (mainly for learning and fine-tuning) for it to be successful. But, it is really a great platform that enable every individual to have an equal ground to tap on the global e-market with very low or zero cost. Besides, it could well be one of your good passive income stream that streaming in wealth while you are sleeping! ;-)

It's borderless, it's limitless, all possibility are within your mighty mind!

Lastly, would like to share the following quote of mine:

"To reach the world, you need to have goal; To reach the goal, you need to do thing with heart and soul; At the end, your glowing or gloomy world is the direct result of what you sow!"

That's all for my sharing today!


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Wednesday 27 April 2011

Birds Flying High....

"Birds flying high, you know how I feel. Sun in the sky, you know how I feel...."

"Feeling Good", one of my favourite song by Michael Buble', a classic that really make me feel good, even though this is not a new song and has been rendered by many others, but his version will stuck with you for very very loooong... Do check out his original MV below.

For those who like to explore more of his song, do check out his following albums:

It's Time
It's Time (with "Feeling good")

Crazy Love
Crazy Love (his latest album)

I especially like the lyrics of "Birds flying high, you know how I feel...". Two seemingly unrelated things (bird vs feeling) that blended so well in the lyrics. Hmmm... I'm Lovi'n it! Oh, that reminded me of McDonald's and talking about McDonald's, do check out their latest commercial teaser (Singapore version) that goes "ahh sst sst ooh sst sst shiok ahh..."! 

Also, this song has inspired me to come out with the following quote:

"Bird cannot fly high without feather; people cannot climb high without mettle!"


Tuesday 26 April 2011

EVOL......(read backward!)

Is "Love at first sight" really exists and can it last the test of time? Or it's just pure "attraction to the attractive sight" which bounds to be faded away with time?

In any case, there might be exception whereby true love really evolved since the first sight but what it actually means is that LOVE started to accumulate only after that. True love needs time and conscious effort by parties involved to maintain and upkeep. In fact, that's the only way to accumulate LOVE!

Of course, the LOVE that I am referring to is not restricted to the LOVE in romance. Same principle is applicable to the brotherhood, sisterhood or parent-child relationship as well.

My quote on LOVE is:   

The reverse of LOVE is EVOL, it means love need time to develop gradually to be fully EVOLVED!

Finally, hope your life is filled with abundance of LOVE and do constantly practice "Love It Forward" to spread the LOVE around as LOVE is contagious.


P/S: Hope you continue your daily reflection of "3 things that make you smile..."

Monday 25 April 2011

Success vs Failure

Regardless of where are you coming from, in any part of the world, there bounds to be successful and rich people from your country of origin that you are looking up to. They could be a wealthy businessman (even for a small country like Singapore, we have our very own successful entrepreneur, Mr Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative Technology, that made it big in the computer world a few years back), a well known musician, a great politician etc...

At times, you might be wondering why there are so many immigrants from those deemed "poorer" countries like China, India etc... to other countries like USA, Australia and even Singapore to look for better opportunity. Yet, at the same time, there are loads of wealthier Chinese or Indian tourists go all over the globe to spend money like no body's business...!?

So, effectively, where are you coming from played little role in determining how successful are you. It is what you make do with what you have that make the difference! Always get yourself ready and seize every moment or opportunity that comes knocking on your wall.

On this subject, my personal thought is: Those who succeeded, focus on what they have and START from there; those who failed, focus on what they don't have and STOP there...   

Lastly, for those who are into reading of success stories/articles and know-how, I am recommending the monthly SUCCESS Magazine, for more details, please click on the image below:
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Sunday 24 April 2011

Movies Relationship...

Just watched the movie "Source Code" (see poster below) today. A mediocre Sci-fi with expected ending...The storyline is like "back to the future" or "groundhog days" but all happened inside a train. Actually, what interest me most is the ending, it seems to reflect that "Ending is actually the beginning" (for those who watched the movie, please share your view on this point too).

This also reminded me another movie called "Memento" (see poster below) I watched sometime back. It was directed by Christopher Nolan (the director who brought us "Inception" phenomena many years later). This is the first movie I watched whereby the storyline was in snapshots of play-back sequences and in the end, it linked to the beginning of the story.

Source Code (Original Motion Picture Score)                                Memento

In both movies, the main actors got into some kind of relationship with the main actresses. That's what I am going to talk about today, the relationship! 

Have you noticed that it is getting harder and harder to maintain a good relationship nowadays, be it a romance,  marriage, friendship or family relationship? My take is that we are living in a much more complex environment now and people are getting more and more individualistic. Thus, it widen the gap of differing view among the people involved and created the frictions in their relationship.

For me, to maintain any good relationship, RESPECT is the main ingredient. To respect, we need to accept that everyone is unique and they warrant their own view/opinion/action! So, be respectful by not breaking the warranty!


Saturday 23 April 2011

Mountain View...

It's yet another hot and humid night here in Singapore.  

Today, I am going to start with a scenario (I am sure some of you would have such experience before too):

You come out with a plan to achieve something big in your life (either by your own or with your love ones), for example, buying a dream house of yours, going for a long haul dream holiday, career switch to a dream job etc... You have put in 101% of your commitment and spent lots and lots of time and effort along the way.

Finally, you made it one day, after months or years of sacrifices and sweating moments. You felt great momentarily after obtaining this objective of your life, but inside your heart, weirdly, you had an anti-climax feeling of "That's it?" i.e. you had a feeling that the actual thing is much less than what you've expected or envisage in the first place. And you might start to question yourself the justification of all your sacrifices (in terms of time and effort)...

Sounds familiar to you?

This bring me to the topic that I want to cover today. What I am trying to put across is that many a time, we under-value what we already have and over-value what we don't have. By the time we have what we don't have, more often than not, it's less valuable than what we already have!

I guess that's the common blind sport that many of us are guilty of. Thus, let's treasure what we already have!  

In fact, there is an old Chinese saying with the similar intent:


It's loosely translated as"From far, it looks like a mountain, but when go nearer, it doesn't looks like a mountain, when go off and see it again from far, it is still looks like a mountain!" What it really meant is that when we are finally at the environment/place that we want to go (mountain in this example), we can't really feel or see the greatness that we envisage when we see the mountain from far.

Hope you enjoy my post today. Do check out my other site, Central Of Inspiration, if you want more inspirational or motivational resources!


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Friday 22 April 2011

Forward, backward or status quo?

We are living in an ever changing environment and the scary part is that the speed of change is getting faster and faster. Just take smart phone product as an example, the new model that just launched a few months ago will soon be replaced with newer model (by the same company) and the previous model is getting obsolete in just as fast!

Just think about the iPhone or iPad phenomena...

So, in whatever you are doing now, you can't possibly stay status quo, you are either going backward or moving forward, there is no such thing as status quo. For example, if you stop progressing/developing/learning new skills/competency/ knowledge for a month, you are literally shifted backward by other people who has progressed ahead of you during that one month. Thus, to progress, there is only one way, which is keeping going and learning...

To sum it up: "You are either going backward or moving forward, there is NO status quo".

I hope you still remember and practicing the ritual of citing the "3 things that make you smile". For me, the 3 things that make me smile today are:
1) Enjoyed the family gathering on the Easter Holiday
2) Went to the Woodlands Waterfront Jetty for the first time and enjoying the breeze of wind and the view across to Malaysia (JB) shore
3) Enjoyed a cold cold "Ice Kacang" dessert* amidst the hot and humid weather.

*For the benefits of my non-Asian visitors, Ice Kacang dessert looks something like this:

Lastly, I hope you folks have (or will be having) a wonderful Easter Holiday!!


If you have some time for reading and if you do like inspirational/motivational books, do check out the following recommended book: "100 ways to motivate yourself"!
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Thursday 21 April 2011

"Big Dream" vs "Dream Big"

Is there a difference between "Big Dream" and "Dream Big"?

Think about it...

For me, there is a difference. My interpretation is that "Big Dream" is something sizable yet definable or limited but "Dream Big" is something indefinite or limitless ! In short, when someone said you have a "Big Dream", the definition of "big" has been limited to the interpretation of that person (however big it is). On the other hand, when someone said you have to "Dream Big", the dream is border less, it's all up to you to define! Make sense?

So, you mustn't only have "Big Dream" but must also "Dream Big"!

Since we are on the topic of dream, sharing herewith some pictures/photos related to dreams:

Do check out my other blog, Central Of Inspiration. New updates available!

Happy Easter Day to ALL! And don't forget the "3 things that make you smile..."


Wednesday 20 April 2011

Beautiful cloud...

I've taken 2-days "off" from my blogging to focus on work and the Central Of Inspiration site (sourcing for the content). I am BACK now!

I must admit that I've addicted to watching the sky and cloud over my head, whenever I see an unique or beautiful formation of cloud, my iPhone will be in action. The mysterious formation of cloud (be it in the sunny and clear sky or on a gloomy dark skyline) and it's once only display (i.e. you will never see identical cloud formation twice), make it a joy to admire the photos over and over again. What is more amazing for me is : I've learnt that there are quite a number of my personal friends whom also like to see the skyline! Is there a name for such hobby?

Yesterday, I managed to shoot a patch of snowy white cloud under a blue blue sky which reminded me of cotton wool in deep blue sea... (it was shoot at around Bugis Junction, Singapore)

What a beauty....

Isn't It Beautiful?
If you folks are also into sky/cloud photos, you may want to check out my other blog entitled Sky Is The Limit!

Lastly: You can't control your starting line, but you can definitely determine your finishing line! So, start drawing your line (destination) now!


Sunday 17 April 2011


Yes, I am building a new home (virtually, in the Internet world). As per my "hint" on 16/04/2011, something interesting in on it's way. So, it's about time now...

Basically, I've just created another site (blog) to serve as an all-under-one-roof platform to share anything Inspirational or Motivational. The sharing comprises of songs, books, ebooks, sites, smart phone apps or on-line courses etc... that aimed to paint a tinge of positivity to your life. It is just another channel to "Inspire It Forward".

The name of my new home is Central Of Inspiration. For a sneak of my new Home., see below. Do come and visit me as often as you like ;-P:

I must admit that it is still a humble and small home as at now i.e. it is not fully furnished yet (I meant content wise in my virtual new home). Thus, I will continue to do my best to update the content as regular as possible. Having said that, I do know that in order to do it even better, I need input/comment from you folks, please check it out and provide your feedback/comment.

You may ask why do I need to create yet another site(blog) with the same theme (inspirational)? The reason is because I would like to preserve this Personal Blog for sharing of my thoughts. As for my new Home, it will serve as an one-stop resource centre with minimal personal blogging. So, information/resources is the focus of my new home!

Before I part to continue my sourcing for "furniture" (content), liked to share the following thought:

"No matter how big is your house, it is just a house; Only people staying inside can make it a HOME through laughter and warmness! So, it's more important to build a Home than a House!"


Saturday 16 April 2011

The beauty of Imperfection (缺陷美)

Question: What would you do when you see a stunning and perfectly good looking lady (or gentleman, if you are a lady) walk passed you?

I believed most of you will naturally take a second look of them right? No? (maybe you are the exceptional one, if your answer is no). Most people attracted to beautiful thing/people, from pop idol to beautiful building architecture to beautiful clothing...etc. It is just a natural reaction for us to be attracted to the "beautiful" things.

The problem is, most of the time, we pre-judged the beauty via our visual sense alone aka based on exterior appearances (which is the most volatile element) and giving too little time/effort to evaluate the other elements like the attitude, the character of a person. I guess that's why there is "love at first sight" and also the high divorce rate.

In fact, NO one is perfect in this world (and I really do mean NO one), but if you have a beautiful heart and positive mindset, it is enough to compensate your other shortfall and still deemed as a beauty at it's own rights! So, don't be too bothered by imperfection (since no one is perfect anyway) but focus on how you can bring across beautiful response to the people around you!

My sharing for today: "use your 5 senses with your HEART or else the outcome will just be nonsense!". In short:



Something exciting is coming soon...Watch this space!, Inc.

Just back from soccer game awhile ago and realised that soccer at night provides quite a different feeling towards the game. Enjoyed the game very much especially the long chit-chat session with the team after the game! I'm Lov'in it!!

I realised that the traffic(visitors) on Friday is usually lower and I guess it's because most of you are outside partying or chilling out somewhere else except on the net...But surprisingly my blog on 11/04/2011 received 40% more in traffic as compared to the other days, I guess partly it's because the topic is about $$$... $$$ is really an attractive topic to talk about. Hehe...

My plan for the weekend is to do some more researching on the inspirational and motivational stuff/resources as I am in the midst of creating something exciting!! Watch this space!

Oh, just noticed that it's already 12.20am, Saturday (Singapore time) now, before I part "to meet grandpa Chow"*, sharing my thought on happiness:

"True happiness is when you are willingly giving more than you received, regardless of how rich or how poor are you!"

Happy weekend to ALL and don't forget your "3 things..."!


P/S: If you noticed, I've recently added the Reactions widget at the end of every post for your to indicate whether the post is funny, interesting, cool or useful!

*To meet grandpa Chow is a Chinese saying of sleeping!

Thursday 14 April 2011

3 things that you are fighting life

Still remember my post on 06/04/2011 regarding "The 3 things that we are fighting for...(in life)"? I am coming back to this now, as promised.

It is actually inter-related to my post yesterday about the values in life. To have a meaningful life and knowing what we are actually fighting for in life, we need to consciously identify them (the values) and constantly reviewing them. Only then, we can proudly tell ourselves or our children/grandchildren in our dead bed (touch-wood) that we have no regret in our life as we've fulfilled our being on earth!

In life, it's not how long you live, but how many people you touched that count!

I know it is already first quarter of year now and your 2011 Resolution could have been still "collecting dust" inside your PC/laptop. However, it is never too late to review/plan for our life and attach meaning to it!

First, let's identify the top 3 values that you are fighting for in life (do remember that to be really meaningful, this value is supposed to be shared with the people around you too). Example of the values are:
  • Wealth
  • Knowledge
  • Happiness
  • Charity
  • Health
  • Professionalism (Business/Career)
  • Relationship (Friendship)
  • Family value etc...
Next, from each of the values that you've identified above, associate one or two objective(s) that you choose to accomplish in the current year. For example:
  • Wealth       : To accumulate $x by 31/12/2011
  • Knowledge : To learn about Internet Marketing by 30/06/2011
  • Happiness  : To make 10 friends/family members SMILE via consciously planned action (e.g. surprise presents, party etc...), by year end!
Of course, to be truly practical (as we are living in an ever changing environment), the values/objectives should be reviewed regularly (half-yearly is recommended) so as to ensure that we are staying on course towards our meaning of life!     

I know, it does looks like yet another resolution, however, there is a different here. The difference is that it is driven by your very own VALUES in life that you identified yourself! See the difference?

On this topic, I've created a poll (see right hand panel) for you folks to identify which is your top VALUE in Life. Do feel free to join the poll!


Wednesday 13 April 2011

Values to your Life

Let me start with the following:

"The world out there is full of opportunity, the problem is we was often fooled by our own capability"

Everyone of us will come to an end, someday, somehow (I don't foresee the immortality medicine/potion will ever be developed during our lifetime, if it does exist in the first place), thus, the only way to live a worthy and meaningful life is to attach values to your life.

So, what do I meant by "attaching values to your life"? When we talk about "value" in business world, we are referring to providing solution and convenience to the customers, it's not that far off when we liken "values" to Life. I am talking about what kind of "solution" and "convenience" that we can contribute to the people around us, they could be your colleagues, friends, family members or even a total stranger...The focus here is not on our life but on the life of people around us!

It is only through such sharing/contribution that we can appreciate the true meaning of gratification

Just to quote a few examples on what I deemed as creating values to the life of people around us:
  • Maintain a positive attitude/mindset towards people around us and create positive influnce towards their mindset ("Inspire It Forward").
  • Maintain a smiling face and sincere heart when dealing with anybody, and I really means everybody.
  • Always extend your helping hand, whenever in need.
  • Always extend your listening ears. whenever in need
  • Pass on or sharing of your knowledge and the list goes on...
You may ask what's in it for you to "create value to other people's life"? My answer will be a sincere smile with appreciation in return is what make it worthwhile!

There is a Chinese saying "我为人人,人人为我" (loosely translated as "What I did is for people around me AND what the people around me doing is for me!"). This is always my living principle and I hope you can find your living principle as well!


Tuesday 12 April 2011

Aftershocks....God Bless Japan!

Not again...

Just to share the news that Japan has been hit with yet another aftershock on Monday evening (Japan Time), measured at 6.6 magnitude (killed at least 3, at report time). Report also mentioned that there are already about 270+ people died in the temporary shelter due to wound infection and lack of proper care (after surviving the shocking 9.0 magnitude quake AND the monstrous Tsunami which rocked the country into chaos).

Natural calamity is always so unpredictable and merciless, we all feel for the people in Japan.. Hope they recover soon and well enough... GOD BLESS JAPAN...again!

I am re-posting one of my previous writing (sorry, in Chinese only) in relation to Japan Tsunami incident:


For those who can't read Chinese, the words in red means "Japan, Stand Up again"

If you like to donate, please follow the links below:

Red Cross America
Red Cross Singapore

Before I knock-off, like to share a personal thought of mine:

"Whatever can be seen physically would not last forever, thus, treasure the invisible that came from the heart!"

Let's treasure our "3 things...".


Monday 11 April 2011

$1million or $1...?

YES, today I am going to talk about the world's most recognisable 5-letters word: MONEY!

Let's face it, money is very important in the current world! I know it can't buy you happiness, but with sufficient money, you will definitely be able to enjoy much more freedom and has one less element to worry about in life. Sadly, that's the fact that no one can do about it.

So, I thought I am going to be a little bit educational today. My question for you is this:

If you are given 2 choices:
a. $1 million dollar cash (in whichever currency you like) OR
b. $1 cash (in whichever currency you like) that can double it's value everyday for 30 days, continuously.

Which one will you choose (Note: this is not a trick question)?

From surface, it seems that Option (a) is definitely a wise choice! No brainer, right? Hold on! Do you know that at the end of 30 days, the value of $1 will actually grow into $536,870,912.00 ($536 mil, which is 536 times more than option a)? This is no rocket science, just a simple math that most of us not paying enough attention to. In fact, there is even a name to it, it's called "The Power Of $1".

This principle (The Power Of $1) was extensively covered in the following books by Robert G. Allen, do feel free to check it out (click on the images to explore more):
Multiple Streams of Internet Income: How Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Money Online, 2nd Edition  Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth!

I do agree with the author, multiple streams of income is the way to go to ensure continuous supply of the money! With the invent of Internet and the unlimited potential of Online Business and Internet Marketing, I believed everyone of us are at equal ground to create multiple streams of income for ourselves! So, if you have something to offer (service or product, online or offline), ACT NOW to create your additional stream of income!

Lastly, would like to share the following thought of mine:

"TODAY is the history of tomorrow. So, write your own history NOW before somebody else write you off as part of their history!"

Cheers! And don't forget your "3 Things..."! ;-)

Sunday 10 April 2011

Start With The End...

Does the title sounds contradicting to you? From my point of view, It is not and I can explain that...

First, are the following scenarios look familiar to you:
  1. A meeting or brainstorming session with an agenda A (for example: brainstorming a new product feature) went into a string of other discussion of non-related subjects (for example: resource issue, productivity issue at operation etc...).
  2. A group of friends get together for lunch and cannot decide what to eat. Again, a string of discussion (about what to eat)  get on and on until some bright spark "decide it" for the rest.
  3. You have decided to start something new (from as small as writing a blog to career switch or even starting a business venture (online or brick and mortar)) but keep getting diverted to other things along the way and didn't really get started.
  4. The list goes on....
That's exactly what I am talking about. Whenever we do or plan to do something, we are often guilty of not putting enough time or thought about the end result (i.e. what we are trying to achieve) upfront. The key here is "upfront"! In fact, at times we don't even know or have a good reason of why we doing it!

Thus, my view is that to increase the chance of success in everything that we do or plan to do, we need to start with the end in sight! The more compelling and vivid the end result that you can visualise and share, the better it will be. Not only that, the expected end result should be shared across to the people involved upfront. Again the key here is "upfront".

In the first example, the detailed expected outcome of the meeting and how the meeting is going to run, should be shared at the start of the meeting so that all participants are fully aware of their expectation. Agree?

The above is just my thought for the sharing and I am sure it's easier said than done. besides there are many other factors that contributed to the success of the thing that you are doing. Whatever it is, NEVER GIVE UP is the only recipe for success!

Hope you still counting your "3 things..."!


a. Have you tried the "Brain Teaser" Page yet? Please do so before I release the answer on 17/04/2011!
c. I've updated additional information in "Internet Marketing For Beginner" Page, do check it out too!
b. For those who like to get email notification of new post, please update your email in the "Follow By Email" section.

Saturday 9 April 2011

Inspirational Sharing - Inspire It Forward (#4)

Once again, it's another Saturday night, "meeting" you folks on my blog again. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday so far!

Before I unveil this week's Inspirational Sharing, for those of you who have downloaded the PhotoScape that I shared yesterday and not sure what's in it for you (besides that it's FREE!). I've since compiled a list of the key features of PhotoScape to help you up. I know it is just the high level stuff for beginner, I will add in more detailed stuff in the subsequent sharing.

Just to showcase the capability of PhotoScape, I've done up a quick Photo Page for the sharing (it's a 5 minutes work):

Right, here we go, the 4th Inspirational Sharing...

1) Inspirational Video - Maybe, the most inspirational video ever...:

2) Inspirational Quote:

"Do nothing and hope for the best is not the best hope at all! Instead, we need to DO our best and the best will naturally come upon us!"

For those who are new here, do check out my page on "Inspire It Forward" and "3 Things that make you smile"!


PS: For those who are into "Internet Marketing", feel free to check out my page on this topic too!

Friday 8 April 2011

Today's new findings...(Part 2)

Once again, it's Friday now and resting days are just around the corner! Woohoo.... Hope you folks have a great weekend ahead!

There are a few things (freebies) I would like to share today, mainly are from the internet. Please see below for more details:

1. Another Self-Publishing platform called "Squidoo"! As compared to "HubPages" that I shared previously, this platform is more casual (you should be able to tell from the name of the site! By the way, the mascot of the site is really a squid, hence the name!). Having said that, it is still a full fledged self-publishing platform that allow you to create page (or "lense", as per what this community called it) with a user friendly editor. Those who are into writing, should try this out! Registration is FREE!

Note: I've tried both platforms, their features are comparable, Hubpages is generally more serious whereas Squidoo is more fun (the squid will pop-up every now and then to catch you by surprises!). You can always try both if you really got a lot of thing to write!

2. Do you ever been told that you looks like somebody and somebody? Like my case of the MAD against ME (see my post on 29/03/2011 for details)?! It just means that there are quite a number of us having a common face. Eager to find out more?

I've found a site called "Pictriev" whereby you can upload your photo (the photo must contain at least one full face figure) and within seconds, it will search through the internet for the similar faces' photos and show it to you on screen! Cool right?

What's more amazing is that it will also indicate your estimated age (by just use your photo). I've tried it personally and I must say that the accuracy is not that high, but I thought it is still quite a cool technology after all. You should try it out and I am sure it will help you SMILE just by looking at the matched photos!

3. For those who likes to edit your photo to create more OHM to it but don't want to spend your hard earn money to buy licensed software like Photoshop, I've chanced upon a free software called "Photoscape" which allow you to edit your photos with whole loads of editing features like resizing, brightness and colour adjustment, frames, mosaic, cropping and many more. It also allow you to create an animated GIF by using multiple photos. Another cool Free software worth a try. I've downloaded the software, will be trying it out real soon, I will post my comment here subsequently on the result.

NOTE: Please provide your comment if any of you have use either one of the above mentioned platform/software before!

As usual, before I part, my sharing of the quote today is:

"Living is like taking a roller coaster ride, you already expected UPs and DOWNs, TWISTs and TURNs and lot's of TEARs (from laughter or fear), but you still take it anyway! That's Life!"

Cheers! Oh, oh, don't forget to cite your "3 things..."!

Thursday 7 April 2011


Recently, I have been promoting my blog quite "aggressively" on forums, social media sites (like Facebook) with the objective of reaching out to as many people in the world as possible (my motto of "Inspire It Forward").

I am very proud to announce that my blog does attract some pretty good result a.k.a it has since deemed "International" (self proclaim), my readers are from Singapore to Malaysia, Phillipines, Australia, Europe, USA and UAE etc...(the list is too long to list all the countries here! hehe). However, I know this is only the beginning, the night is still young as my reach in population is still very negligible. Thus, I do hope YOU too can help me in reaching out to the friends of yours to "Inspire It Forward"!

Also, I do hope more readers can post your comment on how I can do it better or any specific subject that you would like me to cover. Thanks in advance! Oh, special thanks to Ms Omicron, all the way from Cairo, on your nice comment!

Before I part, my sharing of today's quote:

"Why is sun always associated with happiness and positivity? Because when you stand directly under the sun, your shadow (negativity) will be shy away! So, be the SUN to the people around you to chase away their shadows!"

For those who are new here, do check out my page on "Inspire It Forward" and "3 Things that make you smile" too!


PS: For those who are into "Internet Marketing", feel free to check out my page on this too!

Wednesday 6 April 2011

What Am I Fighting For...? (拼什么?)

Don't judge the above mentioned title by it's face value... I am NOT feeling emo or down today!

In fact, this is the song title of one of my favourite songs in 2011. It was sang by Taiwanese Singer/Host named Shaw Luo (罗志祥). I believed most of you haven't heard of it, please enjoy the song below:

I must apologize to those of you who don't understand Mandarin/Chinese,but the main purpose of my post is not really about the whole song but rather the first two sentences of the lyrics, which loosely translated as:

           "What am I fighting for? What are the things that I concerned most?" 

I can associate with it and I choose to believe that most of you can also associate with it. Really, what are we fighting for in our life? Money? Big house? Excellence career? To love or To be loved? etc... And I also choose to believe that many of us are still clueless about it!!

I guess you (and only you) can answer that for yourself! And whatever your answer is, it's your choice, there is no RIGHT or WRONG!

Tapping on the "3 things that make you smile...", I just had an idea that why don't we come out with "3 things that we are fighting for...(in life)"? I know it's kind of "BIG thing" as we are talking about LIFE here! So, we (including myself) should take sometime to really think about it...I will come back to this topic again soon...meanwhile, please think about it and get your own list ready!

For those who are supporting my idea, please click HERE (it will bring you to the "3 things page..." as a reminder and a show of your support whether this is a good idea!)

I hope we all can "INSPIRE IT FORWARD" regularly and make it a better world for as long as possible!


Tuesday 5 April 2011

Great Moments , Little Moments

Have you ever cry till your tear dries up due to unhappiness?

Have you ever laugh till your tear burst out due to happiness?

I haven't in either scenario (but I do feel more happiness than unhappiness). I guess mainly it's because I always have a very neutral/balance view of everything that comes to me. In short, I always look at thing from another angle. To me, there is always 2 sides of the story to everything, it's depending on which side of fence you are in. No RIGHT! No WRONG!

As it is, great moments are hard to come by, why don't we feel GREAT about the little moments?

By the way, I've published a hub (page) related to "3 things that make you smile...". Do bookmark it and check it out regularly to remind yourself to SMILE on daily basis!


The Lincoln Lawyer: A Novel

Monday 4 April 2011

Today's new findings...

Monday is coming to an end soon... but new knowledge and information keep flowing in! Ever since I jump into more in dept study on "Internet Marketing", the more I know what I don't know!

Frankly, I am getting hooked by this new venture of mine as it has provided me multiple platform in showcasing my passion (writing something, anything...). What's more, it might be another stream of passive income that I've no qualm in investing my time/passion into!

So, what is my new discovery today? For those who like to write something (anything that you know or interested in e.g. article on shoe, watches, iPhone guide or your travel diary etc...) and get it publish on-line in the quickest manner FREE, you can't afford to miss HubPages (click on the logo below to access their site to explore for yourself!)

I managed to publish an article in HubPages within 30 minutes (from registration to writing to self-publishing!). Please click on Inspire It Forward to view my Page (or "Hub" as per what this community call it). By the way, I am deemed a Hubber in this community! ;-)

Oh, the best part is that this site has incorporated the built-in "Internet Marketing" element on your page. If your page(hub) is attracting enough traffics/visitors, it might earn you some decent money along the way! Cool right?

Hope the above sharing is of help to the liked-minded readers!

Before I part, I leave with you the following quote:

"When you lost control, you are losing battle against yourself! The result is always WIN-LOST or LOST-LOST!"

Cheers! As usual, do remember your "3 things..."!

Sunday 3 April 2011



Today, I have a very fulfilling day in revamping my blog! a NEW ME! Hope you folks like my new look.

Briefly, the changes are:
1. Changed the theme to white background (for better visual)
2. Created 3 NEW pages i.e.:
a. Brain Teaser - I will add regular ORIGINAL brain teaser to test your Inspirational Quotient (IpQ). The FIRST brain teaser is OUT, try it out NOW!
b. Internet Marketing For Beginner : This page contains FREE information for those of you who are into Internet Marketing. No harm trying since it's FREE!
c. Links : This page provides you folks with links/sites which are related to Inspirational or Motivational Topics.

Do give me your feedback on how you feel about the NEW ME!

Before I part, sharing the following thought of mine:

To look,you just need the eyes ; To see, you need eyes, brain and heart! So, SEE more to LOOK further!


Note: Order of the previous posts might not be in date order as I've updated selected older posts!


Today, let me start with one of my very own quotes:

Most opportunity only knocks on your door ONCE, if you always think TWICE to act, don’t expect to go further then THRICE of where you are/have now!

Many a time, we put in a lot of efort/time in searching through and waiting for a perfect condition before plunging into ACTION. However, with the ever-changing environment and the limitless potential factor(s) that could change the situation, there is actually NO perfect condition.

So, In whatever you are doing, act NOW, the future is in your hand only if you can seize it on-time! In your future, Sky is the limit!

Talking about the sky, I've just launched another blog to post my latest craze (photos of sky, clouds or high-rise building etc... from around the world, starting with Singapore). I know I am just an amateur in photography, but my objective is not to impress but to be RAW and ORIGINAL!

So, please feel free to check it out at (Theme: Sky Is The Limit) and provide your comment there too!

Lastly, do remember that tomorrow is EARTH HOUR! Do SWITCH OFF and be earth-friendly! This year's motto "Beyond The Hour", so, don't stop after 60 minutes! ;)
Happy weekend and remember to cite your "3 things..."!


Leap Of Faith

No words needed, just enjoy the clip and you will understand what I am trying to say...

At times, we might see the road (future) ahead of us seems to be tough and uncertain, what we need to do is to have faith in ourselves and take the leap forward! If Penguin can do it, so can us! IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING....

By the way, Earth Hour will be here in just 3 days' time (@ 26/03/2011, Sat, 8.30pm onwards), let's do our part to be earth-friendly!

Cheers! And don't forget the "3 things" of yours today... ;)

Whether you like (or dislike) what I've written, please feel free to post your comment AND consider exploring the related sites/links placed within my blog.

Enemy of Positivity

Does anyone know what is the the similarity of these two pictures?

Make your guess?

That's right, I am talking about the usual suspect of "if only..." and "But..." which cropped up so often during our everyday communication. Their similarity is: They both are the enemy of positivity!!

I am sure these are the 2 very common words/phrase that we used so often that it became part of our daily vocabulary, it's like if we didn't use them often enough, we are "ill-treating" ourselves.

 Are the following responses sound familiar to you?

   I will be much happier if ony I can find more time to be with my family...
   I will be happier if only I managed to close that deal...

   I would loved to... but I need to work today...
  That's what I am going to do but I can't do it now because.....

These words/phrase are so lethal that they kill off all your positivity and energy force by providing you the perfect excuse(s) NOT TO succeed. In fact, they are the offsprings of "MR PROCRASTINATION" and "MS EXCUSE", so, what do you expect?!

Let's don't fall for their trap! In fact, these 2 words/phrases should be banned from your daily vocabulary as much as possible!  Instead, we should take back full control of our thought/action by avoiding them altogether and start to state:

    I felt happy now because...
    I felt rich now because....

Finally, let's all make HAPPINESS your CHOICE and NOT your REACTION!! You choose to be happy, no matter where you are, how you are doing...

4 more days to Earth Hour and don't forget your "3 things that make you smile today"!


Whether you like (or dislike) what I've written, please feel free to post your comment AND consider exploring the related sites/links placed on top and right hand corner of the site.

Saturday 2 April 2011

Inspirational Sharing - Inspire It Forward (#3)

Hope you folks have a wonderful Saturday so far! Today, I will be short and sweet as I just noticed that I've sustained some minor injury on my left thumb during the soccer game last night, it is swelling now. Nothing serious, but decided to give my thumb more rest time...Hehe

Here we go, the 3rd Inspirational Sharing...

1) Inspirational Video - The Law Of Attraction:

2) Inspirational Quote:

In life, it's not how long you live, but how many people you touched that count!

Cheers! And don't forget your "3 things..." today.

Friday 1 April 2011

Changing for the better...

Yippy, it's Friday again! Hope that all of you had a wonderful week so far and continue to have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! keep smiling.

Two days in a roll I've been receiving positive feedback from you folks about my blog and I must say that I am a happy man now (at least it will last me till weekend!Hehe). Special thanks to Ms Gemaima (believed your are from Philippines) for posting nice words here as well as! God bless you too.

It has been three weeks since I created this blog, with some marketing/promotion through fb and other sites, it's a pleasant surprise to know that my blog has been visited by friends from other countries like UK, US, AUSTRALIA, HONG KONG and even CYPRUS (If I am not wrong, it's an island near Europe, at least that's what Wikipedia said!).

It is always my passion to write something and I am very honored to receive many positive feedbacks so far. Of course, there is always room for improvement. In fact, I am already thinking of revamping my blog so that it creates more 'value' and interaction with the you folks.

I hope my blog can be THE site that comes to you mind whenever you are looking for inspirational thought or ideas. It's about changing for the better! So stay tune and look out for the newer ME!

Just a sneak peak, some of my ideas are:
1. Creating an Inspirational Teaser/Puzzle that the readers can participate/guess the answer (But no prize to be given even if you guess correctly, unless I managed to find some sponsorshipt! Hehe)
2. Creating more pages/tabs to properly house the Inspirational/Motivational related sites, free stuff/offers, collation of the original quotes etc...
3. Creating a corresponding Facebook Page to expand the visitors base

For those who are reading my blog now, do share what would you like to see included in my blog, I will try to make it happen! ;-)

Lastly, I am parting with you the following original quote of mine:

Every life has an expiry date but good deed lives on forever with others...