Tuesday 26 April 2011

EVOL......(read backward!)

Is "Love at first sight" really exists and can it last the test of time? Or it's just pure "attraction to the attractive sight" which bounds to be faded away with time?

In any case, there might be exception whereby true love really evolved since the first sight but what it actually means is that LOVE started to accumulate only after that. True love needs time and conscious effort by parties involved to maintain and upkeep. In fact, that's the only way to accumulate LOVE!

Of course, the LOVE that I am referring to is not restricted to the LOVE in romance. Same principle is applicable to the brotherhood, sisterhood or parent-child relationship as well.

My quote on LOVE is:   

The reverse of LOVE is EVOL, it means love need time to develop gradually to be fully EVOLVED!

Finally, hope your life is filled with abundance of LOVE and do constantly practice "Love It Forward" to spread the LOVE around as LOVE is contagious.


P/S: Hope you continue your daily reflection of "3 things that make you smile..."

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