Saturday 23 April 2011

Mountain View...

It's yet another hot and humid night here in Singapore.  

Today, I am going to start with a scenario (I am sure some of you would have such experience before too):

You come out with a plan to achieve something big in your life (either by your own or with your love ones), for example, buying a dream house of yours, going for a long haul dream holiday, career switch to a dream job etc... You have put in 101% of your commitment and spent lots and lots of time and effort along the way.

Finally, you made it one day, after months or years of sacrifices and sweating moments. You felt great momentarily after obtaining this objective of your life, but inside your heart, weirdly, you had an anti-climax feeling of "That's it?" i.e. you had a feeling that the actual thing is much less than what you've expected or envisage in the first place. And you might start to question yourself the justification of all your sacrifices (in terms of time and effort)...

Sounds familiar to you?

This bring me to the topic that I want to cover today. What I am trying to put across is that many a time, we under-value what we already have and over-value what we don't have. By the time we have what we don't have, more often than not, it's less valuable than what we already have!

I guess that's the common blind sport that many of us are guilty of. Thus, let's treasure what we already have!  

In fact, there is an old Chinese saying with the similar intent:


It's loosely translated as"From far, it looks like a mountain, but when go nearer, it doesn't looks like a mountain, when go off and see it again from far, it is still looks like a mountain!" What it really meant is that when we are finally at the environment/place that we want to go (mountain in this example), we can't really feel or see the greatness that we envisage when we see the mountain from far.

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