Wednesday 6 April 2011

What Am I Fighting For...? (拼什么?)

Don't judge the above mentioned title by it's face value... I am NOT feeling emo or down today!

In fact, this is the song title of one of my favourite songs in 2011. It was sang by Taiwanese Singer/Host named Shaw Luo (罗志祥). I believed most of you haven't heard of it, please enjoy the song below:

I must apologize to those of you who don't understand Mandarin/Chinese,but the main purpose of my post is not really about the whole song but rather the first two sentences of the lyrics, which loosely translated as:

           "What am I fighting for? What are the things that I concerned most?" 

I can associate with it and I choose to believe that most of you can also associate with it. Really, what are we fighting for in our life? Money? Big house? Excellence career? To love or To be loved? etc... And I also choose to believe that many of us are still clueless about it!!

I guess you (and only you) can answer that for yourself! And whatever your answer is, it's your choice, there is no RIGHT or WRONG!

Tapping on the "3 things that make you smile...", I just had an idea that why don't we come out with "3 things that we are fighting for...(in life)"? I know it's kind of "BIG thing" as we are talking about LIFE here! So, we (including myself) should take sometime to really think about it...I will come back to this topic again soon...meanwhile, please think about it and get your own list ready!

For those who are supporting my idea, please click HERE (it will bring you to the "3 things page..." as a reminder and a show of your support whether this is a good idea!)

I hope we all can "INSPIRE IT FORWARD" regularly and make it a better world for as long as possible!


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