Friday 1 April 2011

Changing for the better...

Yippy, it's Friday again! Hope that all of you had a wonderful week so far and continue to have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! keep smiling.

Two days in a roll I've been receiving positive feedback from you folks about my blog and I must say that I am a happy man now (at least it will last me till weekend!Hehe). Special thanks to Ms Gemaima (believed your are from Philippines) for posting nice words here as well as! God bless you too.

It has been three weeks since I created this blog, with some marketing/promotion through fb and other sites, it's a pleasant surprise to know that my blog has been visited by friends from other countries like UK, US, AUSTRALIA, HONG KONG and even CYPRUS (If I am not wrong, it's an island near Europe, at least that's what Wikipedia said!).

It is always my passion to write something and I am very honored to receive many positive feedbacks so far. Of course, there is always room for improvement. In fact, I am already thinking of revamping my blog so that it creates more 'value' and interaction with the you folks.

I hope my blog can be THE site that comes to you mind whenever you are looking for inspirational thought or ideas. It's about changing for the better! So stay tune and look out for the newer ME!

Just a sneak peak, some of my ideas are:
1. Creating an Inspirational Teaser/Puzzle that the readers can participate/guess the answer (But no prize to be given even if you guess correctly, unless I managed to find some sponsorshipt! Hehe)
2. Creating more pages/tabs to properly house the Inspirational/Motivational related sites, free stuff/offers, collation of the original quotes etc...
3. Creating a corresponding Facebook Page to expand the visitors base

For those who are reading my blog now, do share what would you like to see included in my blog, I will try to make it happen! ;-)

Lastly, I am parting with you the following original quote of mine:

Every life has an expiry date but good deed lives on forever with others...


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