Friday 25 October 2013

Can't Wait To Watch Thor - The Dark World

Thor The Dark World
To be frank, prior to the 2011's Thor, I have little knowledge about this muscular, long haired, red cape and constantly with a giant hammer's superhero. After the show, I quite like how Chris Hemsworth portrayed the titular role and also the charismatic and funny villain, Loki (by Tom Hiddleston).

Next week, the sequel, Thor - The Dark World will be released in the cinemas and I can't wait to watch it in 3D (or IMAX 3D).

Come and think of it, what would I do If I have Thor’s Mjölner (the Hammer) for a day? Hmmm... I think I will do the same as what Thor do best! Use it to hammer those ungraceful people around us (first come to the list will be the man spitting on the women countless time at the Woodland Bus Interchange ;-)).

Check out more movie details below:

Thursday 17 October 2013

Coursera - The online Gem, Miss It At Your Own Cost!

Acquiring knowledge is a lifelong journey! We should not stop learning regardless of our age. In fact, it is through ongoing learning that we are trying to defy the ticking clock of age! With the invent of internet, acquiring new knowledge is no longer time consuming or costly. In fact, it is FREE (at times). 

Today, I am going to share an online course network called Coursera which provides variety of online courses from various well known Universities (like Northwestern University, Princeton University and Yale University etc..). The courses ranging from Arts, to Biology, to Health, to Information Technology and many more. 
Coursera - Understanding Media By Understanding Google
Coursera - Understanding Media By Understanding Google
I am currently taking my very first Coursera course called "Understanding Media by Understanding Google" (via Northwestern University) which is in the final 2 weeks of the course. The courses are usually structured into weekly modules and conducted through video lectures as well as online reading materials (to be provided as links). Of course, different courses from different Universities might be conducted differently but so far I am quite happy with the quality and coverage of the course. 

I am giving this network a THUMB UP for those who like to attend university like online courses.

Have you taken the online course from Coursera? What is your review? Feel free to share your view in the comment section.