Wednesday 29 June 2011

Do You Believe In Luck?

Do you believe in luck? On the positive side, what do you think is your chance (luck) to strike lottery? On the negative side, what do you think is your chance (luck) to be strike by the lightning? Does luck play a part in either case?

Personally I viewed that luck do play an important part in striking lottery, but I am not so sure about the lightning though...

According to a recent America research, Man is more likely to be strike by lightning than Women. Based on the statistic from 1995 to 2008, there was a total of 648 people strike by lightning and out of this, 82% are man. So does it means that the man is "luckier" than women?

The answer is NO. As per the researcher, the reason why man is more likely to be strike by lightning is because man usually are more risk taker eg they would not mind continuing their golf or soccer session even though it's raining. As for the ladies, they are more conservative in nature and would take proper shelter during the rainy day.

So, strike by lightning seems to be not related to luck but characteristic of the gender! I kind of agree with the findings. What is your view?

Quote for the sharing:

“Passion or interest is like chewing gum, the longer you chew, the less tasty it will become (the less passionate you become), but you need to chew long enough in order to be able to blow the bubble (get the result)”


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Sunday 26 June 2011

Inspirational Sharing - Inspire It Forward (#11) - The Last Lecture

Today, I am going to dedicate my Inspirational Sharing post to one great man. His name is Dr Randy Pausch. If you are into inspirational or motivational books, I am sure you have came across or read about the book titled "The Last Lecture". His book and actual "Last Lecture" has touched millions of people over the world and created a web sensation in 2008.  

Dr. Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon professor who became a Web sensation after sharing his thoughts on life in his "Last Lecture," died at his home at the age of 47 (in 2008).

His book/teaching is a living example of a great man that touches others' live by living his life to the fullest! I am currently re-reading his book "The Last Lecture" which never failed to re-inspire me again and again!

If you've not heard of him or his book, do check it out at your nearer bookstore or follow the links below to find out more ab:out his book and the "Last Lecture"

1. The Last Lecture book:

2. The video clip on the actual "Last Lecture"

3. The video clip on the news of his death:

I know it's been almost 3 years now but great stuff never expire!

Enjoy and get inspired.


Are You Living Your Life Or Passing Your Time?

Just came back from one of the most uneventful (aka boring) company event ever attended. Sorry to the guys who organized this event but I really felt so! Just felt like wasted 4 hours of my life away....

This in fact triggered me to think about the bigger issue in life! Just thinking out loud, do you think you are living your life now or just passing the time of your life? I know it is a though question to answer...

For me, I like to interpret living as enjoying the moment when we are:
1. Learning or absorbing something new (it could be a new skill, new experience etc... in fact, anything under the sun).
2. Teaching/Departing something to somebody else (it could be knowledge, skill etc...)
3. Developing our mental and spiritual strength (I don't mean religious alone, it could be through exercises like yoga).
4. Sharing/Bonding (with your family, friends or colleague).

(Of course, it doesn't means that you are not living your life when you are occasionally playing some time-wasting apps like Angry Bird, Fruits Ninja etc...As long as you are not playing it day-and-nights, you are pretty ok!)

We are NOT living our life if we are worrying about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. To live our life, we need to live in the very moment aka NOW! Thus, the key to living our life is to ENJOY every moment of NOW! Regardless of whether you are rich or poor, single or married, young or old, NOW is what you've got!

My sharing of the related original Quote:

"You need to live your life NOW in order to make the days, months and years ahead of you count!"

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday 23 June 2011

A New Milestone For My Blog!

Woohoo!  I am in ecstasy!

My blog has reached a new milestone of 10,000 pageview within 3 months. I must thank all the visitors around the world (yes, I am talking about YOU) who are paying me frequent visit. You really make a difference!

It all started with a simple intention of creating a blog to share my inspirational thoughts, it has since gaining some momentum and I hope to keep it going for as long as possible!

Today I am going to share a new album by one of my favourite singer, Adam Young aka Owl City. If you have heard of the popular song called Fireflies back in 2009, I am sure you will know who is he.

His new album is titled "All Things Bright And Beautiful". Click on the Album Cover below to uncover his beautiful new songs:

All Things Bright And Beautiful

As usual, his songs are full of positivity and energy. It is truly a bright and beautiful album. Highly recommended if you like his earlier album, Ocean Eyes.

Last but not least, my sharing of the original quote:

"Every beginning has an end! Every ending is a start of another new beginning! Thus, Beginning is Ending; Ending is Beginning"


Tuesday 21 June 2011


PRESSURE or STRESS is a common biological reaction when we are in an uncomfortable situation. The formal definition from wikipedia for stress is "The consequence of the failure of an organism – human or animal – to respond adequately to mental, emotional or physical demands, whether actual or imagined".

I am sure we all feel it all the times and I am pretty sure that we will feel it again in the future. The key is not to avoid it altogether, in fact, at times some pressure is required to serve as a pusher to move us forward. Thus, what we need to do is learn to embrace the pressure and find our own ways to divert the pressure. Some will eat their heart out, some will turn into shopaholics (or maybe it's just an excuse!?) or some will just go for a walk/jog etc..

When I am in a "stressful" or "pressurized" situation, I will consciously remind myself (through my inner voice) that it is just temporary and it will get better. If the situation permits, I will excuse myself for awhile to have a quiet moment with myself. The key here is to do it "consciously" as I am trying to take over the control of my emotion instead of let it control me.

Also, it is important not to react immediately when we are in a stressful situation as most of the time, the decision that we made is less than optimal when we are in such situation. Thus, "cooling down" period is important and remain one of my best way in dealing with stress. 

My sharing of the original quote in relation to stress:

"We might not be able to turn pressure into pleasure BUT we can definitely turn stress into strength!"


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Sunday 19 June 2011

Inspirational Sharing - Inspire It Forward (#10)

Today is Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to all fathers (or fathers to be) in the world!

On this special occasion, my Inspirational Sharing will be focusing on the father figure.


1. Inspirational Video - A Father's Love For His Son - Dick & Rick Hoyt:

2. Inspirational Quote:

"To our parents, we are always a kid; For our parents, we should treasure them like a gift!"


Saturday 18 June 2011

Things That Will Set You Thinking!

Whether you are rich or poor, young or old, gentleman or lady, I am pretty sure you will face with some challenges or obstacles through out your life. In fact, that's the very moment that will set you thinking hard, to learn and to grow.

Everyone of us are unique individual (even though you might be a twins or even triplets, you are still an unique individual). We came from different background, grown up differently, gone through different education systems. Thus, each of us would have different focus in life.

Just thinking out loud on the "Thinking" issue. Thought it would be interesting to know which aspect of life that will set you thinking deeply? What I meant is things that will really make you think through seriously and come out with plan(s) to further improve or enhance these values. Directly or indirectly, these things/values reflect the focus of your life.

To make thing simple, I've identified a list of possible things/values below and I hope you folks can share your thought by identifying items that will really set you thinking. I am sure most of you would identify more than one item, please provide your list in priority order.

The common list of things/values that will set you thinking:
1. Wealth/Money
2. Spiritual (Religion)
3. Knowledge/Education
4. Career/Professionalism
5. Relationship (husband and wife/family/friends/courtship/siblings)
6. Health/Mental strength
7. Others...[indicate your own values here]

All comments are welcome!

As usual, my original inspirational quote for the sharing:

"When you hold on to a thought for too long, it will weight you down sooner or later. LET IT GO as soon as possible is the way to go!"


Friday 17 June 2011

Lesson Of Life Through Ms Nitcharee

Ms Nitcharee, a 14 years old kid from Thailand came to Singapore 4 months ago to study. Her life took a tragical change 2 months ago when she fell into the Ang Mo Kio MRT train track and was seriously injured. She lost both her legs because of the mishap...

What surprises me most is when she saw her father one week later, she put aside all self-pity and face the world with a cheerful attitude. She even consoled her father by telling him not to worry! I was deeply touched by her courage and positive disposition.. 

After a couple of months of rehabilitation in Singapore, she has finally returned to her home town and continue to face her future with positive mindset. She has inspired many Singapore (including myself) and attracted a sizable donation in helping her to settle her medical expenses.

As the saying is unpredictable and short. Thus, we should continuously maintain a positive mindset  in whatever situation we are in. Put aside your self-pity and excuses, we all should consciously choose to be happy! That's the lesson we learned from Ms Nitcharee.

My original quote:

"The only way to get to know yourself better is through the eyes of others. So, treat every feedback (positive or negative) as a favour to you"


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Tuesday 14 June 2011

Art In Life!

Look at the photo on the left. Can you tell what is it? I am sure you can. It is a sculpture of a lady reclining on a chair. The key is: do you know what it's made off with?

The answer is.... Cabbages!

It's an art piece by Artist Ju Duoqi from China. The 38-year-old said she started using cabbages in her work 5 years ago. She often spends hours in the market picking out different sizes and shapes of cabbages for her work. Ju's series of cabbage beauties has been shown in Beijing, London, Paris , Los Angeles and Miami.

I am sharing this here as I thought it's quite refreshing and inspirational. Also, it just shows that there is no limit to what you can do to whatever you have in your hand. You can use anything coming along to showcase your creativity. Do something new, something never been done before, that's creativity!

Now, my sharing of the inspirational quote:

"Foes will knock over your back because that's your blind spot BUT friends will watch over your back because that's your blind spot!"


P/S: Gentle reminder: Father's Day is on this Sunday!

Sunday 12 June 2011

Panda Rules! Especially The One Who Know Kungfu

Panda, a conservation reliant endangered species in China, has been a national emblem of China for many decades. It has "officially" invaded the west (in fact the world) in 2008 through the highly successful animation show Kungfu Panda.

His name is Po (voiced by Jack Black), he is funny, cute and very like-able. With it's successful recipe of right mix of east and west elements, eye-popping animation special effect, as well as nicely crafted storyline, it is an instant hit and a blockbuster movie of the year. Thus, it is a matter of time that a sequel is in the making. 

Finally, the sequel is here! The title is simply Kungfu Panda 2. I've just watched it this morning in 3D (IMAX). The storyline is slightly more complex, the plot is darker, but it's still full of action, mind-blowing special effect and many "fell off the chair" one-liner jokes. What caught me by surprise is the inspirational elements that incorporated in this sequel. I know most of the animation or cartoon movie will incorporate some do-good elements, but Kungfu Panda 2 just hit all the right notes. To quote a few inspirational lines from the movie (might not be the exact words):

"Find inner peace and all things can be resolved"

"Where are you from (history) is not important, who are you NOW and what you want to be in the FUTURE is the key!"

This is an entertaining movie not only for kids, everyone can enjoy and learn something out of this movie. Highly recommended for all ages!


Saturday 11 June 2011

Inspirational Sharing - Inspire It Forward (#9)

Yet another Saturday night, sitting in front of my PC, blogging my way to keep the inspirational energy going...!

Today, I am going to share the weekly inspirational stuff, but before I get the ball rolling, just like to remind you folks that Father's Day is around the corner. So, hope you have a wonderful Father's Day celebration next weekend!

1. Inspirational Video - My Story - Nick Scott:

The related book : Journey - Nick Scott (click on the image to view more):

2. Original Inspirational/Motivational Quote:

"Trustworthiness is the main currency that you should accumulate in any relationship as once it is lost, you can hardly earn it back!"

By the way, tomorrow I am going to watch the long awaited sequel of the most famous Panda in the movie - Kungfu Panda 2. Will update you folks on my review in the next post.



Friday 10 June 2011

Rewind - Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day36 hours ago, I was having meeting with colleagues; 24 hours ago, I was busy blogging at home; 12 hours ago, I was having yet another meeting with colleagues; NOW, here I am busy with my blogging again. Kind of like groundhog days effect right? But I am not complaining as I am doing something that I like and passionate about.

Now, over to you, why not try rewinding your life 36 hours earlier, and recollect at every 12nd hour backwards like what I did above, where were you and what were you doing? If you are leading a more active/interesting life, it would be a totally different outcome than mine. However, I guess majority of us are just repeating almost the similar stuff during that short time span.

Tomorrow is weekend again, for those who are considering catching during these few weeks, I am recommending the following 2 forthcoming blockbusters:

1. Super 8 (short synopsis : After witnessing a mysterious train crash, a group of friends in the summer of 1979 begin noticing strange happenings going around in their small town, and begin to investigate into the creepy phenomenon [source:]):

2. Transformers 3 - Dark Of The Moon (short synopsis: The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the Moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and to learn its secrets [source:])


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Wednesday 8 June 2011

The BIG Money Issue!

Money! Master of all evil, but we all can't live without it. Some save it in their bank (to get it depreciated), some splurge on every luxury stuff come along and some invest/reinvest it in the share market/businesses...

Effectively, money is nothing but numbers, color papers or metals. It is the value that we attach to it that make it so important. When you are in need of money, it's value goes up; when your money is in abundance, it's value drops! So, it is not surprising that some people fight for their live for merely few dollars and some people splurge on thousands of dollars just for a bag that they are not going to use for more than once!

No doubt, money is important, but nobody will claim to have enough money (even-though their money is enough to cater for their whole life, or even for their offspring's whole life). The key is not to be a slave to the money but a master of it!    
Since we are on this topic, just like to share an interesting news from Taiwan, a Taiwanese man try to repay his loan to a bank by depositing 316,000,000 coins (just to sabotage the bank). He even need to use a lorry and crane to transport the coins to the bank. Just pity the cashiers on duty that day... So, the moral of story is: you can do lots' of funny thing with money, if you have lots of it! ;-P

Oh, there is also this interesting local news in Singapore whereby all the Ministers' pay are under review by a committee now. So, for a small country like Singapore, money is still a BIG issue, even Ministers can't handle it themselves!

Ok, enough of money for now, let's talk about the inspirational stuff. Here is my sharing of original quote:

“If you are not prepared to face the failure, you are not ready for success!”


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Tuesday 7 June 2011

iCloud vs rCloud

The Cloud is finally here! 

The first cloud that I am talking about is iCloud by Apple. It was officially released yesterday (6th June 2011) by CEO of Apple, Mr Steve Jobs at the WWDC (Apple's World Wide Developers Conference). So, what can iCloud really do? Actually, it's a Cloud Computing service that allows user to store data such as music files, apps and automatically sync between multiple devices such as : iPhones, iPods, iPads and of course the PC.

Actually, it's nothing revolutionary as Cloud Computing* has been around for quite sometime (in fact way back to 1960s). Besides, with the evolution of FREE social media sites and ever increasing power of the FREE web services like (which you can do practically anything online), iCloud is just a small improvement and not a quantum leap.

Having said that, since it's FREE and there are tons and tons of Apple fanboys around the world, I guess consumer can't complaint much since it does provide convenience to your life. By the way, everyone who sign-up for iCloud entitled to 5GB of free storage, in the cloud!  

*Cloud Computing refers to having secure access to all your applications and data from any network device. For better understanding, please see the visual diagram below:

Info source from Wikipedia!

The next cloud that I am talking about is rCloud (forget about searching it on Google as it will be a waste of your time). This is actually the term that I coined myself for REAL cloud (hehe). I like to watch the sky and cloud formation. whenever have chance, I will take out my iPhone and snap the beautiful and unique combination of sky-cum-cloud. In fact, it's my every morning ritual to look out for potential "beauty" from the top...

Since we are into the cloud thing now, like to share one of my top favorite rCloud that even blow myself away when I first saw it (I took it with my 3.5G iPhone and guarantee original without photoshop effect):

So, which cloud is better? iCloud or rCloud?

Last but not least, my sharing of original quote:

"If you still don't have the answer, it means that you have not tried hard enough. Keep going! "


Monday 6 June 2011

Orchard Flash Flood And Causeway Jam! What's Next?

Yesterday, there were two disastrous incidents happened in Singapore, one is due to natural cause and the other is man made. Let's talk about the natural cause incident first, it's the flash flood in many areas of the city, the water even managed to penetrate into the well known shopping mall, Tanglin Mall (near the famous Orchard Road area) and force the mall to closed for operation.

Ever since the Orchard Road Flash Flood fiasco last year, whenever there is downpour, first thing that come to our mind is: Oh No, Orchard Road will be flooded again! I think the appropriate Authority need to work harder on this or else the next thing that will come to our mind when downpour is: Oh No, Tanglin Mall will be closed again!

Next, it's the man-made disaster, 7-hours traffic jam at both the causeways between Singapore to Malaysia (to and flo). This happened because Malaysia, out of nowhere,  decided to introduce the fingers scanning system (on top of the usual custom clearing procedure). Just imagine that everyone (I means everyone, including the drivers) need to get out of their cars/motorcycles and get their fingers scanned, get back to their vehicles and continue their journey!! Why can't the Authority figure it earlier that BIG JAM is expected? I guess at times, we just need to learn the hard way. Hope they learn their lesson!

Just like to highlight that, in life, disasters do happen, at times it's man-made and other times it's due to natural cause. We can't possibly control what is going to happen next in our life, but we can always choose how we react to it! STAY COOL AND STAY POSITIVE! 

Right, so much for the disasters reporting from Great Little Moments Station (hehe)! One reminder for those who are coming to Singapore during these few days, do remember to bring along your umbrella and/or raincoat as storm and rain and flash flood is expected!

My sharing of the inspirational quote:

"Meaningful life is to learn like you was born yesterday and to live like there is no tomorrow!"


Sunday 5 June 2011

07734 - The Answer!

Still remember my post on the above cryptic number? Click HERE if you like to refresh yourself.

Actually, the answer is : HELLO

Simple right? If you still don't get it, try to see the following, upside down:


Saturday 4 June 2011

Inspirational Sharing - Inspire It Forward (#8)

Yet another Saturday night! Blogging seems to be the ritual that I am doing almost every night. But I am not complaining as I am so into it!

Before I start to share the inspirational stuff, I thought it would be good to remind all you folks about "The 3 things that make you smile today". Here is my list:
1. Stumbled upon a site that seems to be a great site (but will do more research before I share it out with you folks).
2. Took healthier meals today with my wife i.e. no fast food, no fried stuff...
3. Still feel passionate about blogging.

What's yours? 

By the way, don't forget that I am still waiting for your comment/feedback (refer to my post here for more details)! Do keep them coming...

1. Inspirational Video - The Best Motivation Video:

2. Inspirational/Motivational Quote:

"The only way to turn Fear into Gear is to get up-close and personal with the unknown"


Seeking Comment For Improvement!

It has been almost 2  1/2 months since I posted the very first post here! After 70+ posts, I am still passionately trying to maintain my posts as frequent as possible. I am sure there are lots of improvement I can do to make this blog more interesting. Thus, I would really appreciate it if you folks can post some comments on how I can do it better. Good or bad, minor or major, all are welcome! I will be waiting for your comment.

On this aspect (in terms of improvement), I am trying to make my blog as interactive as possible and will be incorporating more values/information to my blog in the near future. Just out of my head, I am looking into adding the following pages soon:

1. Highlight of Special offers available (e.g. the Groupon type of offers or discounts. I already thought of the Page Name: GmS [Great "little" Moments Specials!] Cool?)

2. Knowledge sharing (knowledge is KING in the modern world. In fact, there are so much happening in the internet world, especially on the eBusiness and Internet Marketing arena. which I thought it would be beneficial for all to obtain some fundamental knowledge. More details will be uncover soon. Stay tune!).

3. Encourage more friends/visitors to subscribe to my mailing-list as I am planning to generate regular Inspirational Newsletter right into your mailbox (By the way, for those who have subscribed to my mailing list, you should be receiving a confirmation email, you need to click on the link to complete the registration [if you've not seen the confirmation email in your inbox, please check you spam-mail folder!]).

4. Inviting some guest bloggers to write on my blog (I am serious! It is fun to just write-out-loud! For those who are interested, do email me at

Any comment/input of the above-mentioned forthcoming development? Or if you have other information that you like to see more on my blog? Do drop me a comment or two. Thank you in advance!

Lastly, I am sharing herewith my original quote:

"A great man will help the people around him to find their greatness too!"


Thursday 2 June 2011

Enjoy Your Moment NOW!

What is the single most important person in your life (at this moment) that you care so much that you can't live without? Think about it...

Next question is: do you think you will have different answer when I ask you the same question again next week? next month? or next year? My guess is that you probably will keep silent for a while before answering me (whatever the answer is). And I can fully understand that as you might not be very sure yourself either!

In life, I do believe that nothing will last forever, your youth, your money, your health, your beautiful contour, your love etc... all will get "aged/spent" someday. At different stage of our live, our priority and focus will be different, that's why it is not uncommon that a loving couple turned into enemy in the courtroom drama, tightly knitted siblings fighting over the legacy etc... 

Thus, the key is to enjoy your moment and your loved one NOW as nobody can guarantee what's going to happen NEXT! So, don't hold back your enjoyment/appreciation to avoid any potential regrets.

Note: For a change, the tone of my post today might seems a bit negative, but in life, we need to face with the fact that adversity or negativity do strikes, the point is NOT to pretend that they are not there but to embrace them with positivity!

Last but not least, my dosage of inspirational quote:

"The effect for being perfectionist is that your world will be affected as we are living in an imperfect world!""


Wednesday 1 June 2011

Social Networking Mania - LinkedIn

When talk about social networking sites, I am pretty sure the first that came to your mind is Facebook, follow-by say Twitter, Youtube etc... In fact, there is another heavyweight that making it's round recently in US as well as in Singapore.

The name is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn touted as the social networking destination for job seekers and recruiters (mainly for white-collar job seekers), it has over 100 million accounts worldwide spanning across 200 countries. Of course, it's memberships is consider rather low as compared to the mighty Facebook's 500 millions plus users.

LinkedIn has just went public last month and made headline when its share price more than doubled following its Wall Street debut. It's current valuation is more than US$9 billion (S$11.1 billion).

In Singapore, LinkedIn has just opened its regional headquarters yesterday. It is part of their plans to use Singapore as a base to expand its Asia-Pacific presence. Mr Arvind Rajan, managing director for Asia Pacific and Japan, commented "The company has ambitions of becoming a "worldwide network for professionals!""

Folks, social networking is here to stay, the world is getting smaller and all of us are getting connected more than we thought we possibly can. Besides, with the gaining popularity of smartphones and tablets, social networking can only get closer and faster to you. You can run, but you can't hide!

So, embrace the change, get connected! For those who like to connect with me on LinkedIn, my email is

My sharing of original quote:

"The only way you can find solace is through connection with your own heart or the hearts of others. Hardly, there is other way!"