Monday 6 June 2011

Orchard Flash Flood And Causeway Jam! What's Next?

Yesterday, there were two disastrous incidents happened in Singapore, one is due to natural cause and the other is man made. Let's talk about the natural cause incident first, it's the flash flood in many areas of the city, the water even managed to penetrate into the well known shopping mall, Tanglin Mall (near the famous Orchard Road area) and force the mall to closed for operation.

Ever since the Orchard Road Flash Flood fiasco last year, whenever there is downpour, first thing that come to our mind is: Oh No, Orchard Road will be flooded again! I think the appropriate Authority need to work harder on this or else the next thing that will come to our mind when downpour is: Oh No, Tanglin Mall will be closed again!

Next, it's the man-made disaster, 7-hours traffic jam at both the causeways between Singapore to Malaysia (to and flo). This happened because Malaysia, out of nowhere,  decided to introduce the fingers scanning system (on top of the usual custom clearing procedure). Just imagine that everyone (I means everyone, including the drivers) need to get out of their cars/motorcycles and get their fingers scanned, get back to their vehicles and continue their journey!! Why can't the Authority figure it earlier that BIG JAM is expected? I guess at times, we just need to learn the hard way. Hope they learn their lesson!

Just like to highlight that, in life, disasters do happen, at times it's man-made and other times it's due to natural cause. We can't possibly control what is going to happen next in our life, but we can always choose how we react to it! STAY COOL AND STAY POSITIVE! 

Right, so much for the disasters reporting from Great Little Moments Station (hehe)! One reminder for those who are coming to Singapore during these few days, do remember to bring along your umbrella and/or raincoat as storm and rain and flash flood is expected!

My sharing of the inspirational quote:

"Meaningful life is to learn like you was born yesterday and to live like there is no tomorrow!"


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