Thursday 2 June 2011

Enjoy Your Moment NOW!

What is the single most important person in your life (at this moment) that you care so much that you can't live without? Think about it...

Next question is: do you think you will have different answer when I ask you the same question again next week? next month? or next year? My guess is that you probably will keep silent for a while before answering me (whatever the answer is). And I can fully understand that as you might not be very sure yourself either!

In life, I do believe that nothing will last forever, your youth, your money, your health, your beautiful contour, your love etc... all will get "aged/spent" someday. At different stage of our live, our priority and focus will be different, that's why it is not uncommon that a loving couple turned into enemy in the courtroom drama, tightly knitted siblings fighting over the legacy etc... 

Thus, the key is to enjoy your moment and your loved one NOW as nobody can guarantee what's going to happen NEXT! So, don't hold back your enjoyment/appreciation to avoid any potential regrets.

Note: For a change, the tone of my post today might seems a bit negative, but in life, we need to face with the fact that adversity or negativity do strikes, the point is NOT to pretend that they are not there but to embrace them with positivity!

Last but not least, my dosage of inspirational quote:

"The effect for being perfectionist is that your world will be affected as we are living in an imperfect world!""


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