Tuesday 21 June 2011


PRESSURE or STRESS is a common biological reaction when we are in an uncomfortable situation. The formal definition from wikipedia for stress is "The consequence of the failure of an organism – human or animal – to respond adequately to mental, emotional or physical demands, whether actual or imagined".

I am sure we all feel it all the times and I am pretty sure that we will feel it again in the future. The key is not to avoid it altogether, in fact, at times some pressure is required to serve as a pusher to move us forward. Thus, what we need to do is learn to embrace the pressure and find our own ways to divert the pressure. Some will eat their heart out, some will turn into shopaholics (or maybe it's just an excuse!?) or some will just go for a walk/jog etc..

When I am in a "stressful" or "pressurized" situation, I will consciously remind myself (through my inner voice) that it is just temporary and it will get better. If the situation permits, I will excuse myself for awhile to have a quiet moment with myself. The key here is to do it "consciously" as I am trying to take over the control of my emotion instead of let it control me.

Also, it is important not to react immediately when we are in a stressful situation as most of the time, the decision that we made is less than optimal when we are in such situation. Thus, "cooling down" period is important and remain one of my best way in dealing with stress. 

My sharing of the original quote in relation to stress:

"We might not be able to turn pressure into pleasure BUT we can definitely turn stress into strength!"


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