Wednesday 30 November 2011

Live Life Light ; Live Like Light

Recently, I've been through the closest experience of every living life's ultimate progression (the death), he is non other than my beloved father. Even though all of us already mentally prepared in view of his old age (81 years old to be exact) and bed ridden for the past few months, but when the news strikes, the emotional pain is still unbearable.

However, I might have inherited my dad's strong mentality and positive attitude, I will continue to be as strong and positive as before, there is still long road ahead of me and I am sure my dad will always be with me (in my heart). Rest In Peace, dad!

This event also set me rethink about the true meaning of a successful life. As we all know, everyone are going through the same natural sequence (or phases) of life and no one will escape the ultimate phase (aka death) as there ain't immortality. So, what make a successful life since every single human being went through the same phases? Also, who's definition or benchmark are we basing on? Think about it...

What I meant by natural sequence of life are:

Born --> Kid --> Adolescent --> Adult --> Middle Age --> Get Old :: *Death

*If you notice, I didn't use the "-->" for Death as it can occur at any point of the earlier phases of life!

My renewed view of life is that there is no successful life, only successful moments. Just like watching a movie, after the show, I don't think most of us would remember only the most interesting/exciting/memorable parts of the show, as long as the parts are long enough and impactful enough, we will classified it as successful movie (even though most of such successful movie do have it's dull or uninteresting moments too). Life is just like that!
Thus, let's make every moment of our life count. We need to live our life lightly (life is too short to take it too seriously) so that we can live our life like light, shining for others! Hence the title "Live Life Light; Live Like Light"


P/S: Talking about movie, recently I've created another blog focusing on the sharing of upcoming 3D movies (as I am a movie buff! ;-)), do check it out: Ultimate 3D Movies and provide your valuable comment!

Saturday 26 November 2011

The Importance Of Self Confidence

Every happy and successful person has many things in common, I am sure one of it is self-confidence. Able to maintain a high level of self-confidence (belief in your abilities) and self-esteem (belief in your worth) are keys to their success.

Having said that, does it means that those who are successful born with higher self-confidence/self-esteem by nature? The answer is a resounding "No"! All these traits were programmed by ourselves from the day we're born (basing on what we have been taught by our parents and what we have encountered etc...). The good news is that we can change this self programming pattern

Of course, all changes need to start from within, from inside out! As taught by Ms Laura Silva in her Silva Method, all changes start in your mind. To kick-off the change, you need to build on the power of positive thinking so as to increase your belief in yourself. In short, you need to be the master of your mind! To learn more of The Silva Method on how to increase the self confidence, check out their official blog at how to have self confidence.

Hope my sharing gives you some insights on how to be the mastery of your mind and leads to your high self confidence.


Wednesday 9 November 2011

SPECIAL: How To Manifest Abundance

"Abundance" is a word that we all like to get associated with. When we are in abundance, we have "more than enough", "feel enriched" and "feel happy". It is usually associated with positive connotation. In short, the simple equation is Abundance = Happiness. Of course, the abundance here does not refer to monetary terms or wealth alone!   

I am talking about what we want in our life, what are our heart desire and living our fantasies. We can only create abundance when we made aware of what we want in life. All our wants start in our mind, as long as we can imagine or dream of, there is always possibility to achieve it. Thus, abundance is very subjective, only we ourselves are capable of fulfilling the abundance of our choice.   

At times, we need some motivation or inspiration to keep us moving and to keep our dream(s) alive (by the way, what you are doing now [reading my blog] is one of the way to get inspired too ;-)). "Believe" and "Patient" are key elements in creating abundance, we all must believe in ourselves and our capabilities, at the same time, we need to be patient as Rome is not built in a day!

Recently, I've chanced upon a blog post with the sharing of How To Manifest Abundance. The theme is very close to what I am sharing here, do check it out and get inspired along the way.


P/S: If you need additional dosage of inspiration, do check out the Creative Inspiration too! 

Tuesday 8 November 2011

SPECIAL: Creative Inspiration

Have you ever wonder why those successful people are successful? What do they have in common or in extra that we all don't have (or still finding for it)? Determination and hard-work aside (of course luck do play a small part as well, occasionally), I do believed that they all posses an inner voice (or muse, if you like) that keep their momentum going. It helps them visualizing the vision that their physical self is not capable of seeing.

We need to find our own muse, the inner voice that will change our life for the better!

Recently, I've chanced upon a blog Creative Inspiration with more in dept exploration of the linkage between creative visualization and success. I especially like the following extract from the blog:

"Most of the time we feel so safe in the routine of normal life that we don’t dare to even think of diverting from it. You have to go out of the way to find the muse and trust me the effort is worth it."

This blog is definitely worth the read, do check it out as it might inspire you to find your long lost muse!


Saturday 5 November 2011

Antidote To Stress

Yet another Saturday blogging night. In a rare cooling night, hope my brain juice can flow more smoothly! ;-)

Today, I am going to discuss a very common topic that everyone of us (young or old) somehow have experienced it before: STRESS. Stress is a form of emotional state whereby our mind is preoccupied with some negative thought that hinder us from thinking straight or positively. It is unavoidable but the key is to get back on-track as fast as possible. Besides, a prolonged period of stress could lead to depression which will affect our health and daily routines.

Our mind is capable of making beautiful dream, but it also responsible for making the scary nightmare! Thus, to address the stress issue, we need to "train" our mind to response positively when facing with stressful situation. In general, our stress is coming from one or more of the following sources:

1. Money (when we have not enough money or even too much of it)
2. Health (especially when our health is deteriorating)
3. Relationship (any kind of relationship could be a source of stress when it's not handled properly)
4. Self Development (this include our career, knowledge, skills, achievement etc...)
5. Environment (e.g. when we are at unfamiliar places or when there is a sudden change of condition or situation) 

Many a time, we are stressed up after the thoughts (issues) being accumulated inside our mind for awhile and we failed to find a solution or way out to handle the issue... we simply "give-up" from trying and let the mind wandering towards the negativity and hence the stress strikes.

When we are in the state of stress, we lost appetite, less productive and can't think fact, the side effect is enormous. Stress is counter-happiness, the more you stress, the less happy you will be.

I do have my fair share of stressful situation but I have my personal antidote, which is:

Unload the old baggage (thoughts) and stop asking "Why" (e.g. why this happen to me?) and focus on asking "Why Not" (finding creative or alternative ways to handle the issue).

Before we part, like to share my original quote "in a box", hope you folks like my new way in presenting the quote:


Thursday 3 November 2011

SPECIAL : Quantum Jumping Review

Quantum Jumping
We all have dreams, dreams that fulfill our existence in life. However, we might not be able to realise all the dreams in our lifetime. I said "might not" because the possibility is always there and I am a true believer in Nike's advertisement slogan: "impossible is nothing".

Talking about dreams fulfillment, recently I've chanced upon a thought provoking technique by Burt Goldman called Quantum Jumping. Quantum Jumping is a visualization process where you use your mind to ‘jump’ into parallel dimensions, and gain creativity, knowledge, wisdom, skills and inspiration from alternate versions of yourself.

Burt has spent most of his life perfecting the technique of Quantum Jumping. He only decided to make the knowledge available to the public in 2009, and hundreds of thousands of people have benefited and now swear by quantum jumping and the success brought about by traveling from one universe to another.

If Quantum Physics is new to you, I guess your first impression is: this happens only in science fiction! Trust me, I have the same feeling when I first came across the above-mentioned definition of Quantum Jumping. However, my mindset is completely changed after I've dig deeper into it. Your physical/material world changes in accordance to your mental world/universe! Following are some benefits that you can achieve through Quantum Jumping:

  • Boost your mind’s capacity for problem-solving and creative thinking.
  • Improve your mindset for wealth, allowing you to save  and invest money properly.
  • Learn to control the pattern of your thoughts, replace negative thoughts and eliminate bad habits that you have.
  • Learn and pick up new skills easily and improve existing skills easily.
  • Improve your intuition, allowing you to easily decide on things better.
  • Understand your past and your present and learn from it.
  • Improve relationships with the people close to you.
  • Excel in different aspects of your life.

Click on Quantum Jumping to learn more from Burt Goldman himself. If you are open to the idea, I can assure you that this will be your life-changing knowledge and there are endless possibilities to fulfill your dreams.

Keep Dreaming; Keep Jumping!