Sunday 25 November 2012

Maiden Twilight Saga Movie Experience At Golden Village City Square

golden village city square
Courtesy of and Golden Village, I managed to complete 2 maiden movie experience on Saturday. One being watching the The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn (Part 2) blockbuster in cinema (Yes! this is the first Twilight movie franchise that I've watched in cinema) and second being the first movie experience at the newly opened Golden Village-City Square multiplex. 

Golden Village City Square multiplex is not the biggest movie chain outlet in town but with its optimal  location (at the heart of the city, above the Farrer Park MRT Station), this 6-cinemas outlet will be the new entertainment hub for the movie fans. 

Friday 23 November 2012

How Important To Take A Break From Your Desk? [INFOGRAPHIC]

take a break, get out of your chair, it's killing you, infographicNowadays, many of us are spending a fair share of our active hours sitting in front of the monitor (PC or laptop) and "staring" at the screen for a long period of time. Do you aware of the risks involved if we didn't take frequent break in between? has generated a colourful Infographic on why it is critical to take a break or else it's killing you just because you are sitting on your chair too long! Some of the highlights of the findings are:

1. On Average, we are spending 8 hours staring on screen, 2 more hours than spending on sleeping
2. People normally blink about 18 times per minute, while at computer, we blink only 7 times per minute.
3. Because of (2), people will experience blurry vision, headache etc...

Thursday 22 November 2012

Singapore Is The World's Most Emotionless Society? Seriously?

singapore is world's most emotionless society
Recently, Gallup, US-based Pollster released the result of a Poll from 152 countries to analyse how people feel about their lives. And you know what? Singapore (the little red dot that I am currently staying) deemed to be the most emotionless in the world! Seriously?

Hmmm... come and think of it, I kind of agree with result as most Singaporean are perceived to be more serious, more deserved and more conservative in nature. Having said that, on second thought, just like any other poll, such findings is not conclusive and I am pretty sure that I've chanced upon a fair share of locals here who are full of emotion and expression! ;-)

Saturday 17 November 2012

Are You Eat To Live OR Live To Eat?

eat to live, live to eat
We all need to eat, the question is what is your eating principle i.e. are you a "Eat To Live" or "Live To Eat" kind of people? For those who knew me personally would know that I fall under the former category! Or at least that's what I always told them when they asked : "If there is an invention of a super pill that can fight hunger without eating regularly, I will be their first customer!" Get my point? ;-)

Basically, for those of us who fall under the "Eat To Live" camp simply pay minimal attention to what kind of food we are putting inside our mouth and also not very particular on the ways or materials used in preparing them. As compared to the "Live To Eat" camp, they will rigorously searching around the town, city or overseas to find new and exotic delicacies. To them, every food tasting is a brand new experience! Also, they will be very good in elaborating the exact taste and texture of the food. Whereas for the other camp, this is a tall challenge!

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Jealousy And Envy Are Anti-happiness! How To Fight Them Head On?

We all know that we can't be happy when we are in the state of jealousy or envy. These two qualities simply cannot co-exists together. Thus, in order to enjoy true happiness (which is one of the propaganda of this blog), we need to get rid of the jealousy or envy as much and as fast as possible.

I know it is easier said than done and jealousy do attack when we least expected it i.e. when we are vulnerable to the external environment or happening. At times, we just felt helpless when sinking into such abyss of negative state of mind. The good news is, there is always way(s) to overcome every problem/difficulty we might encountered.

Recently, I have chanced upon a blog post on the tips to overcome jealousy and envy. It was written by Dawn of Mummy Edition and I find that it is very close to the topic that I want to share today. In this valuable post, you will learn the following 4 tips which will help you overcome the sudden attack of jealousy or envy:
1. Love Yourself
2. Face Your Jealousy And Let It Pass Through You
3. Write It Out
4. Let Them Be Your Inspiration
Go on, read the tips in detail as I am pretty sure that they will come in handy when you least expected it!

How do you usually fight against the strike of jealousy or envy? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.  


Wednesday 7 November 2012

OBAMA Won The 2012 US Presidential Election!

obama won 2012 US presidentail electionThe wait and tense moment is over! Obama has been officially re-elected as US President!
As at the time of my writing, the committee is still counting the votes but the final count is no longer relevant as Obama has won 303 electoral votes over Mitt Romney's 203! Only 270 electoral votes required for the victory.
Congratulations to Mr Obama and Americans!