Friday 30 December 2011

Ushering In 2012: Brand New Year; Brand New Hope!

In less than 48 hours time, we are going to bid farewell to the eventful 2011 and ushering in the brand new year of 2012. 2011 marked the year with many natural disasters, like the deadly quake in New Zealand (Feb 2011), the massive quake and tsunami in Northern Japan (Mar 2011) and the recent flood in Thailand (Oct 2011). I have a feeling that this is the way mother earth showing us her discomfort and she is getting sicker and sicker. Thus, more effort is expected from humankind to heal the earth!

Also, in 2011, we bid farewell to quite a number of public figures (both famous and infamous), like Osama Bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi, Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse and most recently, Kim Jong Il.

Of course, there are a fair share of positive news and spirited events happening in 2011 as well. The most notable ones being The Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and maybe the launch of Siri (kind of new technology [voice recognition] gone main stream).

Regardless of which walk of life you are coming from, I hope 2012 will be an uplifting year for you and your loved ones! As my CEO always said, THE BEST IS YET TO COME! Having said that, the most important moment is not in the future or the past, but NOW! Thus, we all need to seize the moment and live our life to the fullest NOW.

By the way, I just noticed that there is a Holiday called National Hug Day on 21/01/2011 (what a sweet way to declare and name the Holiday). Too bad it's only made official in selected countries only and it's not a Public Holiday. To find out more details, please check out National Hug Day (source: wikipedia).

Hugging is a physical expression of closeness, friendship and bonding. I am fully supporting it (how I wish we have National Hug Day here in Singapore as well ;-)). To cultivate the idea of hugging, I've created a simple quote basing on the word HUG: 

"Happiness Uplift Goodness"

Hope you folks like it and feel free to inspire it forward by sharing it.


P/S: If you are a movie buff (like I am) and wondering which movies to look out for in 2012, do check out the latest post on my movie blog (Ultimate 3D Movies): 15 Most Anticipated 3D Movies in First Half Of 2012

Sunday 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas 2011 and Happy New Year 2012

At this very moment, it is already the mid-day of Christmas Day in Singapore, 12.31pm to be exact. However, late is always better than never! On behalf of Great Little Moments Blog, I would like to wish everyone:

Merry Christmas 2011 
Happy New Year 2012! 

I am attaching herewith a cute animated clip related to Christmas Song for your viewing pleasure:


P/S: I've just watched the Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol in IMAX. It's awesome! Highly recommended for those who are into action movie! For more details, click on the image below to find out more.  
MI4-Ghost Protocol

Monday 19 December 2011

Top 10 Tech events of 2011

The year 2011 is coming to an end and we are all gearing up to face the 2012 and beyond. Or would there be "beyond" if we follow strictly by the Maya calendar (as per the movie "2012"), 21/12/2012 is signifying the End Of The World!? I am laughing it off as I am not buying it, besides, 21/12 is my birthday! ;-)

Usually at this time of the year, you will see lots of articles being published online or offline to summarise the major events happening throughout the year. It's kind of like a stock-taking exercise. I would like to follow this similar tradition for my blog, this being the first year end of my brainchild.

Being a self-proclaimed techie, my first "Top 10" list will be related to the tech events of 2011. I am going to share 2 lists of "Top 10", one being extracted from the local newspaper, The Straits Times (Singapore) and the other being my personal one. Read on...

Top 10 Tech Events 2011 (from The Straits Times, Singapore):
1. Steve Job's death
2. Google buys Motorola
3. Smartphone makers wobble (mainly for Blackberry, Nokia and Sony Ericsson)
4. Launch of Kindle Fire (by Amazon)
5. CEOs get the chops (e.g. HP and Yahoo!)
6. Big tech vendors went on buying spree for analytics company (e.g. IBM grabbed Netezza and Algorithmics, HP bought Autonomy and Vertica).
7. LinkedIn goes public
8. Brantology (Singapore company) sold (to Media Monitor, an Australian company)
9. Cloud Buzz (cloud computing is here to stay!)
10. Singtel (one of the major Telco in Singapore) builds ecosystem with the launch of Amped (online music download) and skoob (paid ebookstore).

Top 10 Tech Events 2011 (from Great Little Moments):
1. Steve Job's death
2. Launch of IPhone 4S (especially the visionary feature of SIRI)
3. Social Media is getting refreshed and more crowded (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube's recent revamp and the launch of Google+ etc..)
4. Launch of Kindle Fire (by Amazon)
5. Smartphone/Mobile Apps Buzz (if you are in business and do not have mobile apps for your business, you are loosing big time here)
6.3D movies Buzz (ever since Avatar made it big, most of the subsequent big budget action movies are made in 3D)
7. LinkedIn goes public
8. Cloud Buzz (cloud computing is here to stay!)

Ok, I admit that I managed to come up to 8 items only, maybe you can help me fill-in the blanks for 9 and 10? Or if you have your own "Top 10" list to share, feel free to share it as comment here. 


Thursday 15 December 2011

SPECIAL: Legal Track - Case Matter Management Software

If you visited this blog often enough, you will notice that I am sharing anything under the sun which I find interesting or useful to share. Today is no different, I am sharing something unique and is applicable more to corporate users (especially for profession like attorneys, lawyers, insurance representatives etc..). So, please bear with me if you are not from the corporate world or these specific sectors! ;-)

I believed most of the corporate users would have heard of the case management software, but to find a good case matter management software for legal or insurance industry is a challenge. It is even more challenging to find one which is fully integrated with your current productivity software like MS Words, MS Excel and MS Outlook.

Today, I am going to share a promising matter management software that I've chanced upon recently. Legal Track, is a full fledged matter management software that seamlessly integrated with all the productivity softwares mentioned above. What makes this software unique is it's built-in CRM (Customer Relation Management) features and it's seamless mobile integration capability. For the full list of it's key features, please refer to feature of case management software.

I know this post might not appeal to everyone but hope this sharing can benefit selected few who chanced upon this blog! ;-)


Thursday 8 December 2011

Great Infographics On Happiness

I am sure many of us surf the web quite frequently or at least viewing/posting on your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn occasionally. If you haven't already noticed (which I doubt), we are flooded with humongous volume of information freely available on the internet. What is even worst now is that most of the information are being "pushed" to us via our little companion gadget called smartphone and/or tablet.

Thus, we are practically being bombarded by information from all possible angles on every waking moment. In short, we can run but we cannot hide (from the tsunami of information overload)!

That's the reason why I like information presented in the infographic format. Infographic refers to the information/data presented in a graphical format. The main advantage of infographic is it's visual attraction that make the absorption of complex information easier and faster.

Being a blog focusing on inspirational and happiness related stuff, I've compiled a few marvelous infographics related to happiness for your reading pleasure (click on the image to enlarge the view):

Of course, last but not least, my original inspirational quote: