Monday 19 December 2011

Top 10 Tech events of 2011

The year 2011 is coming to an end and we are all gearing up to face the 2012 and beyond. Or would there be "beyond" if we follow strictly by the Maya calendar (as per the movie "2012"), 21/12/2012 is signifying the End Of The World!? I am laughing it off as I am not buying it, besides, 21/12 is my birthday! ;-)

Usually at this time of the year, you will see lots of articles being published online or offline to summarise the major events happening throughout the year. It's kind of like a stock-taking exercise. I would like to follow this similar tradition for my blog, this being the first year end of my brainchild.

Being a self-proclaimed techie, my first "Top 10" list will be related to the tech events of 2011. I am going to share 2 lists of "Top 10", one being extracted from the local newspaper, The Straits Times (Singapore) and the other being my personal one. Read on...

Top 10 Tech Events 2011 (from The Straits Times, Singapore):
1. Steve Job's death
2. Google buys Motorola
3. Smartphone makers wobble (mainly for Blackberry, Nokia and Sony Ericsson)
4. Launch of Kindle Fire (by Amazon)
5. CEOs get the chops (e.g. HP and Yahoo!)
6. Big tech vendors went on buying spree for analytics company (e.g. IBM grabbed Netezza and Algorithmics, HP bought Autonomy and Vertica).
7. LinkedIn goes public
8. Brantology (Singapore company) sold (to Media Monitor, an Australian company)
9. Cloud Buzz (cloud computing is here to stay!)
10. Singtel (one of the major Telco in Singapore) builds ecosystem with the launch of Amped (online music download) and skoob (paid ebookstore).

Top 10 Tech Events 2011 (from Great Little Moments):
1. Steve Job's death
2. Launch of IPhone 4S (especially the visionary feature of SIRI)
3. Social Media is getting refreshed and more crowded (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube's recent revamp and the launch of Google+ etc..)
4. Launch of Kindle Fire (by Amazon)
5. Smartphone/Mobile Apps Buzz (if you are in business and do not have mobile apps for your business, you are loosing big time here)
6.3D movies Buzz (ever since Avatar made it big, most of the subsequent big budget action movies are made in 3D)
7. LinkedIn goes public
8. Cloud Buzz (cloud computing is here to stay!)

Ok, I admit that I managed to come up to 8 items only, maybe you can help me fill-in the blanks for 9 and 10? Or if you have your own "Top 10" list to share, feel free to share it as comment here. 


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