Tuesday 19 February 2013

Mindy McCready Found Dead In Apparent Suicide

mindy mccreadyYet another musician gone too soon!
Mindy McCready (age 37), the popular Country singer found dead on the porch of a house in Heber Springs, Arkansas, on Sunday (17th Feb 2013) afternoon. She was pronounced dead at the scene “from what appears to be a single self-inflicted gunshot wound”, said in a Police statement.
She achieved early success with her 1996 debut album, “Ten Thousands Angels,” which sold a reported 2 million copies. Her other popular songs are "Guys Do It All The Time" and "If I Don't Stay The Night".
R.I.P Mindy McCready

Now, let's rekindle with some of the great songs from her below:
1. Ten Thousands Angels
2. Guys Do It All The Time
3. If I Don't Stay The Night

Sunday 17 February 2013

Jason Chee, You Can Make It!

jason chee, naval serviceman
Source: The Sunday Times
It has been almost 2 months since the horrific naval accident last December that costs Jason (30-year-old serviceman) both his legs, his left arm and three fingers on his right arm. Today, he re-appeared in the Prime News of local newspaper, The Sunday Times, as a stronger and high-spirited man.

When the news broke out last year while he was still in critical condition and need more blood supply for the transfusion, hundreds of Singaporeans flocked to the blood banks and hundreds of thousands of donation has been collected since then. This is only the small gesture of support that fellow Singaporean can give him and it is definitely of no match to the pain and lost that he is experiencing. 

One good news is that Ministry Of Defence has since committed (in Jan 2013) to cover the full medical and rehabilitation expenses incurred by Jason. At least he has one less thing (money) to worry about and focus on his recovery to rebuilt his life.  

Today, he has shown good progress in his recovery and soon will be transferred to another hospital (Tan Tock Seng Hospital) for rehabilitation. What deeply touches me deeply is his Never-Say-Die spirit and his positiveness towards this incident. Following are some extracts of his conversation with the reporter:
Jason Chee on his current situation: "I'm happy. Because the worst pain is over!"
Jason Chee on the support: "The first thing that came to mind was, wow, the whole Singapore is supporting me. I was so touched. I cried, I really cried."  
Jason Chee on moving forward: "I cans till move my right arm. I still have these fingers on my hand...My goal this year? I want to stand up and walk"

This bring me to share one of the most inspiring book that I've read sometime back. It's called Unstoppable - The Incredible Power Of Faith In Action by Nick Vujicic. For more details of the book, click on the image below:
So, have faith Jason, you can make it and hope to see you stand up taller than before soon.

Lastly, just like to remind all (myself included) to treasure whatever we have now as whatever we have might be taken away from us (voluntarily or involuntarily) without any warning/notice.


Friday 15 February 2013

NS Is More Than Turning You From Ah Boys To Men

safra, ns45
At this moment, the hottest movie in town is non other than "Ah Boys To Men - Part 2". This local production by the resurrected director, Jack Neo has broken his own record with the first installment of "Ah Boys To Men - Part 1", grossing more than $6 millions in sale. And the second installment (which is showing now) looks set to break his own record, AGAIN (grossing more than $4.6 millions in 13 days).

Ok, actually I am not going to write the movie review here. Instead, I just wanted to pointed out that National Service (NS) not only transforming an ah boy to a man, it also provides other tangible and intangible benefits to the NSMen and their loved ones!

Wednesday 13 February 2013

History Of Valentine's Day In Animation

valentine's day
Tomorrow (14th Feb) is Valentine's Day, have you gotten ready the flowers, heart-shape card and/or chocolate in an heart-shape boxe? Today, I am going to share the history of Valentine's Day and not how you or me going to celebrate it. 

But not to worry, I am not going to write a lengthy story about the origin of St Valentine's Day (this is what is was originally called). Instead, I am going to share with you a one-and-a-half minutes animation (seeing is believing). You might have thought that the origin of Valentine's Day is a romantic and sweet one. It is anything but. In fact, it is somewhat related to a tragic event...  

To find out more, check out the animation below...

Saturday 9 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year To ALL

chinese new year, year of snake photo
In about 6 hours time, we, Chinese will be celebrating the First Day (年初一) of Lunar New Year. Traditionally, most Chinese will be celebrating the eve of the Lunar New Year by having the reunion dinner (or meal) with family members and close friends. 

This year, I will be missing my reunion dinner with my family for various reasons but I am still going back to my home town (Taiping Perak, Malaysia) tonight so that can still catch up with my family members on the First Day of Lunar New Year. By the way, Chinese New Year will be lasted for 15 days (from 10th Feb 2013). 

Accordingly to the Chinese Zodiac, 2013 is the Year Of Snake (out of the 12 animals), each of us belong to one of the twelve animals. In any case, it doesn't really matter which year we were born, the important thing is to stay healthy, happy and be generous in giving out love!

I like to take this opportunity to wish all of you...


Will see ya again soon.