Tuesday 29 January 2013

The Joy of Setting Goals

set goalsRegardless of age, people need to set meaningful goals that they truly desire to accomplish. Goals may be as simple as washing dishes or as complex as learning a new language. However, the desire to accomplish the objective is the most significant factor in setting and achieving goals.

The Reason to Set Goals

Dissatisfaction is the only reason people set goals. People who are satisfied with their daily routines remain in their comfortable ruts until they retire. Perhaps that’s why 43 percent of American retirees had less than $10,000 in savings in 2010. According to CNNMoney.com, this represented an increase of 4 percent compared with 2009. Whatever the reason, setting long-term goals would increase the amount in savings at retirement.

Sunday 27 January 2013

Inspirational Pep Talk From Kid (Video)

pep talk from kid president
We all need pep talk once in a while as regular booster for inspiration and motivation. At times, the most unexpected source of pep talk could be from the kid. Not buying it? Check out this pep talk video from Kid President (yup, that's the name in the video and we don't know the kid's real name).

This could be the best inspirational pep talk ever! 


Wednesday 16 January 2013

Tribulations - Fun And Educational Words Game

tribulations, mobile game
I am not an avid gamer (online or offline). Of course, occasionally I still play those time-waster games like Bubble and Fruits Ninja (especially when I am inside the train and the 3G network here never failed to prevent me from browsing the web or social network).

Having said that, I do like games with educational element (e.g. Words With Friends) or required specific skill set (e.g. Draw with Friends). The reason being that such games force us to learn something new (in a fun way) as you don't know what you don't know until you know it. ;-)

Recently, one of my friend introduced to me a new game called Tribulations, developed by him personally. Tribulations is a mobile words game (available is iOS and Google Play) with more creative and interesting graphic. As usual, it is a game to beat yourself against the time and your vocabulary.

It has become my most played games in the past few weeks and thus like to share it across, hope you will find it interesting and educational as I do.

Following are some screen shots of the game:
tribulations, mobile game

tribulations, mobile game

tribulations, mobile game

tribulations, mobile game

Looks cool right? Please fell free to give this fantastic words game a try by downloading it from iTunes (iOS @US$0.99) or Google Play (Android@SGD1.20).


Tuesday 15 January 2013

Interesting Video On Sign Language

The power of internet is boundless, as long as it is being used in a positive way, it can make our life a lot easier and make the impossible, possible. Thus, millions and millions of websites (corporate or personal), blogs, videos are being shared across the internet.  

Today, I am going to share an interesting video that I've chanced upon recently, it is a silence video about sign language with the aim to teach the rest of the world on how to "call" a taxi without actually calling. Check out the video here

I must admit that I can't read the sign language but I find it inspiring to share purely for the effort of this lady! Kudos to her!


Sunday 13 January 2013

How My Door Key Thought Me A Lesson In Life

lesson in life
Just the other day, when we returned home from Hong Kong, after I taking off my shoe and unlocked the wooden door, when I tried pulling out the key, something amazing happen! The key just got detached from the key hole and key pouch and drop somewhere on the floor. We searched all over the place (inside and outside the house) and the funny thing is we just CAN'T find it. It's like the key was suddenly disappeared from the thin air (like a magic). 

After multiple rounds of searching and researching,  we finally gave up and decided to duplicate the key instead. The challenge is that it is hard to find the key duplicating service nowadays. So, I spent  some time googling the service providers located nearby my house the next day. I managed to find one at a shopping mall near my place (lucky me!). Thus, I dutifully get it duplicated (from the spare key) on the same day.

Saturday 12 January 2013

Try Out Some New Facial Hair Looks

Trying out new facial hair styles can feel like a scary experience for some men because they have to move out of their comfort zone. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out these trendy facial hair looks that have their stamp of approval from celebrities...

Short Circle Beard

Is your beard all wild and crazy? Well maybe it’s not giving out the right vibes. Try replacing it with a short, neat circle beard that works any time of the year. If your skin is prone to breakouts then it’s a good way to conceal it. It also helps you make your jawline look more masculine. 

However, having this beard requires you to constantly maintain it with trimming, shaving, shaping, etc. And of course, you’d need all the right tools for the task such as good shaving blade and a quality brush such as the badger hair shaving brush.

Five O’clock Shadow

So what’s the five o'clock shadow? It’s the growth of facial hair that you see on your face late in the day after you’ve had a clean shave in the morning. It’s subtle yet creates an impression.

It’s a style that best suits those who have their facial hair grow super quick. In fact, if you’re on the ‘slow side’ when it comes to facial hair growth, then this style won’t even work for you. The biggest benefit of going for this look is that it’s a lot more serious when compared to a stubble.

Natural Color 

Most men aren’t very comfortable with the idea of dyeing/highlighting facial hair, which is why natural color remains in style and plus, it’s in good taste. 

Besides that, when you go natural, you won’t have to deal with the whole messy do-it-yourself dyeing rituals. If you’re going gray then understand that it’s not a bad thing, and can in fact make you look distinguished. 


When it comes to beard styles, the stubble is almost, always on the top. It’s one of those rare facial hair styles that work for almost anyone, given that they’re doing it right. It gives you that “rebellious look” which the opposite sex finds attractive. 

Even though a stubble isn’t very different from a regular beard, it doesn’t require a lot of attention or maintenance. However, see to it that you are trimming your facial hair on a regular basis so that the others don’t get the impression that you’re not showering!

The facial hair ideas that we discussed in the above article are not only popular now, but will continue to remain trendy in the coming years. So go ahead and try them to see if they suit you!

Thursday 10 January 2013

Can Money Buy Happiness? [Video]

can money buy happiness
If you ask, most people will tell you that "Money CANNOT buy Happiness", which is true to some extend. However, there is still close relationship between  money and happiness. 

Accordingly to the entertaining video that I am going to share next (from AsapSCIENCE youtube channel), the key is on how we spend the money instead of how much we earned/saved. In short, if you voluntarily spend the money on others, it will create more chance for you to feel happy. 

Also, there is an interesting findings in the US that income beyond $75,000 (annual) does not impact happiness! What it means is that once your annual income hit this magical number, any  additional amount will not be solely impact your happiness. 

Check out the video below and feel free to leave your view on whether you are agreeable with the findings.