Sunday 28 October 2012

SPECIAL - FREE Scheduling Software For Spa And Salons

If you are in spa or salons business and find that scheduling of  appointments is a chore, you are not alone and this post is totally meant for you.

Recently, I've chanced upon a cool website that providing salon software for free. Actually, this free software is designed with the salons and spa industry in mind but it can be used for other industries as well (as long as online booking/scheduling is required). The name of the website is Xandaro and their cool software for spa and salons comes with the following features:
  1. It's FREE - Can you ask for more?
  2. Online Booking - It allows your customers to make or change appointments as and when required. You can view the up-to-date schedule/appointment information.
  3. Calendar - You can easily see the schedule in a variety of views and make changes instantly and effortlessly.
  4. Simple To User - The sleek User Interface allows you to manage the appointments, staff scheduling etc.. with just few clicks.

If you need more details, feel free to check their blog at good salon software. So, if you have limited budget and need some productivity tool to help you schedule the appointments, go no further and give Xandaro a try. You have nothing to lose, anyway! ;-)


Monday 15 October 2012

Amazing Google Doodle - Tribute to Winsor McCay

google doodle, winsor mccoy
Did you notice something difference when accessing Google Search Home Page today? The magical Google Doodle amazed me once again! As a tribute to Winsor McCay, Google has generated an animated Google Doodle (adapted from "Little Nemo in Slumberland") that will sure to grab your attention (especially for kids).
"Winsor McCoy (26 Sep 1869 to 26 Jul 1934) was an American cartoonist and animator, best known for the comic strip Little Nemo and the animated cartoon Gertie the Dinosaur. For legal reasons, he worked under the pen name Silas on the comic strip Dream of the Rarebit Fiend"
(source : Wikipedia)
What made this Google Doodle special is its extending nature of the animation, by clicking on the indicated section of the Doodle, you will see the character and story developed/expanded downward, just keep clicking and get ready to be wow-ed by it!
google doodle, winsor mccoy
winsor mccoy
Portrait Of Winsor McCoy
So, get amazed and enjoy this special treats from Google while it lasts!
By the way, do you find such sharing interesting? If yes, I will cover more of this topic (Google Doodle) in the future. Do share your view in the comment section.

Sunday 14 October 2012

Creativity The Ditology Way!

ditology, dito, kiss
Creativity can start from anywhere, at times, it just at your finger tips, literally. Today, I am going to share an amazing creativity that literally done with the finger tips. 

The site is called Ditology. Ditology is an expansion from the word "Dito" which means finger in Italian. The founder of Ditology is a 33-year-old Italian art director and what he did is creating portraits of famous people on finger tips. Yes, you read that right. 

How he did it? He simply takes a picture of his finger and creates portraits of celebrities, historical figures or fictional characters with the help of Photoshop. Following are small samples of his amazing creativity. For the complete collection of his Ditos, check out his site at Ditology.

ditology, dito, Mao Tze Tung
Mao Tze Tung
ditology, dito, Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama
ditology, dito, Mozart
ditology, dito, Mr T
Mr T.
ditology, dito, Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs
I am pretty sure you can recognize most if not all of them without even looking at the caption! ;-) Do share this out in your social networks if you think his creativity warrants your friends' attention. 


Tuesday 2 October 2012

TaiChi 0 - An extraordinary And Refreshing Kungfu Movie

taichi 0, movie
Warning: TaiChi 0 (TaiChi Zero) is not your usual rigid and serious kind of kungfu movie. It’s a kungfu movie with lots of fresh elements incorporated into it. Just like what the director, Stephen Fung, said, it will be a brand new kind of kungfu movie that is light-hearted, entertaining and suitable for the whole family.

Courtesy of and Golden Village, am lucky to attend the Gala Premiere of TaiChi 0 in VivoCity (Singapore) on 1st Oct 2012. Besides able to catch a glimpse of the superstars from the movie (Stephen Fung, Tony Leung Kar-Fai and Yuan XiaoChao), I am able to attest to what the director has mentioned, TaiChi 0 is a new kungfu genre which is perfect  for family entertainment and will appeal especially to the young.

It comprises of elements like comic, gravity-defying kungfu fighting sequence and the steampunk style (as defined in Wikipedia, Steampunk is a genre that incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror, and speculative fiction. It involves a setting where steam power is widely used). It is refreshing and after the show, you will be asking yourself “Oh! Kungfu movie can also be shot in this way too!?”   

TaiChi 0 will be released in Singapore on 4th Oct 2012. So, if you want to experience a refreshing kung-fu ride, go catch it in cinema near you (it's in 3D too). By the way, TaiChi 0 is only the first part of a trilogy, the second part of TaiChi will be released in Singapore on 25th Oct 2012.

Also, do stay back after the credits as there will be preview of the second installment after the credits! ;-)

Brief synopsis of Tai-Chi 0:
“As an uncommonly gifted child, Yang Luchan had a fleshly abnormality that holds tremendous power growing on his forehead. However being teased as the town fool, Yang’s mother spurs him to practice martial arts, and following her wishes, Yang travels the distance to come Chen Village to learn TAI CHI and the story unfold from there…”

Casts : Yuan XiaoChao, Angelababy, Tony Leung Kar-Fai

Running Time: 95 minutes

Trailer of TaiChi 0:

Movie Posters of TaiChi 0:
taichi 0, movie

taichi 0, movie

taichi 0, movie

taichi 0, movie

taichi 0, movie

taichi 0, movie

taichi 0, movie

taichi 0, movie

taichi 0, movie